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A Typical Sunday Night For Me.

Can you say that you ended a weekend in Hollywood dancing infront of hundreds of people sharing the stage with Tyson Ritter from All American Rejects as he did a door’s cover “touch me”? I CAN lol Last night we got to share the stage as he serenaded all of hollywood after the Grammy‘s as… More »

10 Celebs We Want To Kiss On NYE

New Years Eve is fastly approaching and the countdown to find the perfect midnight kiss is causing stress. You already have your perfect dress, but now you’re missing the perfect man. Well, here’s 10 celebs that I know I wouldn’t mind kissing when the clock strikes 12. Enjoy xx Gabbie

Which Frontmen Has The Best Style?

I’m a sucker for a musician with a good voice, but add impeccable style to that mixture and i’m done. Here’s a gallery full of my favorite frontmen that’s got style to the max. From flannels to jean jackets. They sure do know how to keep my eyes glued to them. Wondering where that article… More »

Buzznet Exclusive: 18 Years Of Warped Tour With The All-American Rejects

The All-American Rejects have taken the music scene back with their new album Kids In The Street, but they have been a huge part of the pop/rock scene for years! Warped Tour has been a…

Sexy Band Boys With Tattoos

A while ago, I asked all of my moonbeam subscribers (if you are not a subscriber yet, go here and sign up) what they wanted to see more in my blogs. Some said makeup, books and advice. Someone said “more picutres of sexy band boys with tattoos” and I thought, YES! that is what all… More »

“What Songs Are You Into Right Now?”

Mark Hoppus and Tyson Ritter talk about songs their into. Gillette Uncut music film series @ The Grammy Museum

The All-American Rejects (+ more) Uncut

I think musicians and media alike feel a little wary when brand names mix with art—there is a way to eff it up and be disingenuous. These short films directed by Danny Clinch reveal the…

Tyson Ritter Digital Short Trailer

I’m going to see this today. I’ll let ya know about it when I get back!

Stalker Story of the Day: Tyson Ritter & Delta Dawn

From Gatecrasher:

All-American Rejects front man Tyson Ritter is being harassed by a woman known as ‘Delta Dawn.’
Dawn is a Delta Airlines employee who harvested personal details like Ritter’s phone…

Music Stuff 5/11

Clive Davis thinks Kelly Clarkson’s new album sucks! Sacrilege! (POTP)

Ben Folds Fans get rowdyyyy. (ONTD)

MOKB gathers “Come Together” covers. (MOKB)

All American Rejects… side project? (NME)

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