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Finals Week Survival Playlists

Besides eating a lot of chocolate and downing caffeine, the only other thing that gets me through studying for finals is listening to music. Many of you are nearing the end…

Survive The Craze: Black Friday Playlist

For those of you who plan on waiting outside your local Best Buys and malls whispering “open, open open” on Black Friday, here is a playlist that will keep…

Intern Buzz: 10 Bands You Need To Know

Hello fellow music addicts! I’m on a constant mission to share music with anyone who is willing to listen. Being Buzznet‘s music intern gives me hope that my taste in music is trustworthy! So with that said, here are some bands I think everyone should have on their radar. I always have my ears open… More »

Two Door Cinema Club Plays Killer Show At Hollywood Palladium

Two Door Cinema Club || Hollywood Palladium || October 25, 2012 Real quick, let’s skip to the end first. The exit music was “You Make My Dreams” by Hall & Oats. You can’t get any more perfect than that! Okay, now I’ll flash back to the actual show. If you haven’t seen Two Door Cinema… More »

Fake Obama Dances To Two Door Cinema Club!

I’m a huge fan of watching comical dance videos on Youtube, and I admit that I’m obsessed with “Gangnam Style“, but this video by Nathan Barnatt is my current favorite!

Nathan is dressed up…

Top 3: Two Door Cinema Club’s ‘Beacon’

After two years of dancing around my room to Two Door Cinema Club’s Tourist Club, released in 2010, I finally have some new jams to indulge myself with.

The band’s new album, Beacon was released just…

Two Door Cinema Club Announce New Album

Indie-rockers Two Door Cinema Club have announced a release date and tracklisting for their forthcoming sophomore album, ‘Beacon‘ today! Singer Alex Trimble said: “‘Beacon’ is a much more intimate record…

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