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Dancer Spotlight + Exclusive Interview With Cat Rendic

I am so excited to share this Dancer Spotlight with you on the beautiful, talented gal Cat Rendic. She has danced with SO many incredible artists and has quite the story so be sure to…

Stating The Obvious: All The Guys In Pretty Little Liars Are HOTTIES

I am not going to give away any spoilers from last night’s episode but lets just say if you haven’t watched yet, you need to! IMMEDIATELY. Moving on, one thing that needs to be addressed is just how ridiculously good looking all the male cast members of Pretty Little Liars are. Mr. Fitz is an… More »

JSYK Aaron Paul Starred In A Korn Music Video In 2002

I am a huge Breaking Bad fan and today during Aaron Paul‘s Reddit chat, it came up he starred Korn’s 2002 music video for the single, “Thoughtless.”

The video…

Katelyn’s Favorites of July 2013

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t posted a blog on Buzznet in a couple of weeks, but I am back now! This monthly favorites blog is coming to you a few days late…

Supernatural Birthday Party: Rachel Miner As Meg Masters

Happy Monday, Buzznet! Not really. No one actually likes Monday but since today is Rachel Miner‘s born day, I’ve decided to write about Meg Masters from one of the best shows ever, Supernatural

William Beckett Goes Fanboy For: Game Of Thrones!

Hello Buzznet World,

[kaltura id=0_tzov69ow autoplay=0 type=single]  

I am here once again to let you all know what I go fanboy for. This time I switched it up…

5 Shows You Should Binge Watch On Netflix This Summer

It’s summer and you know what that means? A whole lot of Netflix binge watching! Is there really anything better than curling up in your bed and watching Netflix…


I was shopping in the pet supply place here in my town on Friday. They have a beautiful room in there with cats for adoption. There was a lady sitting on a big couch reading and a kitty on the arm rest sleeping next to her. There were at least 5 other kitties sleeping and… More »

Watch ‘Fashion Johnny’ of Parachute

Just wanted to share this video that Parachute put up a few days ago. ‘Fashion Johnny‘ (who is drummer Johnny Stubblefield‘s alter ego) talks favorite designers and brands. I thought…

Music Monday: Get To Know Joshua Radin

This great solo artist, Joshua Radin, has been around for a…

Keltie Colleen’s New York Adventure Working For FUSE!

It’s Alexa Chung week for me, I’m in NYC, spending the week talking about music and working with Fuse. It’s so cool to be back in the city, and put on my music and walk around and reminise about all the years I lived here. It’s so crazy to think my time in nyc is… More »

Hot, Naturally Tattooed Aliens Will Invade The CW In Star-Crossed!

It’s official – space and alien life is the new supernatural! Yup, all the new pilots and dramas I’ve been paying attention to have started to ditch werewolves and vampires for sexy aliens and life…

Are You Ready For Teen Wolf?

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I don’t know about y’all, but I am PSYCHED for Teen Wolf to come back! It’s back tonight on MTV and there’s trouble brewing in Beacon Hills, in the form of a…

Get Inspired: Exclusive Interview With ‘The Voice’ Finalist Jamar Rogers

Life can be a rollercoaster. You have your ups and you have your downs that make you feel like nothing is worth it. The reason this happens is because life is testing you, it is…

Amanda Seyfried Talks About Boobs And Dogs

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Amanda Seyfried has never been one to shy away from controversial topics. So, it was no surprise when she told Ellen Degeneres that she misses her bigger boobs of…

There’s Always Money In The Banana Stand

For all of us that worship at the church of Arrested Development, this Sunday can’t come any sooner. Praise be to Netflix, which heard the cries of the show’s cult following and resurrected the once…

90210 Says Goodbye

Last night we said goodbye to The CW hit teen drama, 90210. The two hour series finale featured cast and crew members expressing their heartfelt…

6 Minutes Of “WHOA!” with Joey Lawrence

I’ve been on a 90’s TV sitcom kick. I think I’m more interested in 90’s television than anything that’s on TV lately. If you’re a 90’s kid, then you most definitely remember Blossom

Dancing With The Stars Part 1

Moon babies!<3Last night was a big milestone for us. Out first TV gig in America! 🙂 U guys have kept me going and I can’t wait to see what’s gonna unfold for us next. I love you soooo much. Also, I have some more pics for u! Turns out my friends from Buzz were sneaking… More »

Question Of The Day: Which Shows Did You Grow Up Watching?

I can’t think of anything to write about today because I think I am still asleep, except not really because I am typing and listening to Frank Turner.

~ Just…

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