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The 13th Anniversary Of The Ultimate Britney’s Fan – My 13 Fav Interviews

October 24th is around the corner and this is the next to last blog dedicated to my Queen B, I’m really proud about all the blogs I wrote about…

Remember The Day: Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ TRL ON THE ROAD (Catania, IT) [July 16, 2010]

This is my second important date of July impressed in my heart forever, about Tokio Hotel.

This is the day where finally I met my angel and my brother in law, and I will never forget…

Flashback Friday: Shows That Make Us Miss Vintage MTV From the 90s

Remember the days when watching MTV was the COOL thing to do? When not all of the programming was reality shows, but a mixture of animation, reality shows that made…

Everybody loves Britney!

Awwwh! This video showcasing people of all ages and races expressing their love for MY Britney gives me the warm fuzzies. Men, women, children, celebrities… everybody lurves Brit Brit. Watch the video of Britney’s biggest fans including Ryan Seacrest, Nelly Furtado, JC Chasez, Carmen Electra, Usher, Madonna and more, all confessing their undying love for… More »


16th July 2010 – A date will stay forever in my heart!

1,500 km only for…

Pete Wentz’s F’NMTV Saved the Music Video…for Awhile

So, it was reported yesterday that MTV’s Total Request Live will finally come to an end this November.  This will mean that one of MTV’s vehicles for at least playing clips from music videos

Hayley Williams on TRL

too bad the guys weren’t there 🙁

Panic at the Disco’s TRL interview

From the big FBR/Decaydance day on TRL. Also, some of the “ramen-off”

Bayside Responds to MTV Placement: ‘We Will Never Be Casual Listening’


Last week Bayside‘s music video for “Carry On” slid into a spot on MTV’s TRL. As often happens when bands go from precious underlings to MTV-recognized entities,…

The Academy Is… needing capshunz!

PARAMORE: TRL 10-11-07 Part 1

Hayley sounds amazing =O

PARAMORE: TRL 10-11-07 Part 2

PARAMORE: TRL 10-11-07 Part 3

Music Stuff 4/30

Gwen took over Los Angeles! (popbytes)

Songs you didn’t know were covers. (Blender)

TRL is changing their name to… (Idolator)

The Explosion is no more. (punknews)

Music Stuff 3/20

New Saves The Day album! (punknews)TRL er, not really live anymore. (Yahoo)The man behind LCD Soundsystem. (Village Voice)Chuck Ragan posts new stuff. (MySpace)

Thursday Buzz 2/15

Reese Witherspoon is a good body-image role model. (ICYDK)The Greys Anatomy cast just can’t play nice. (POTP)Brad Pitt refused to kiss costar actress for a scene. Because of Angelina, of course. (celebitchy)Anna Nicole predicted her…


Jossip is reporting that MTV’s TRL is over with. There have been rumors floating around for awhile, and MTV did lay off 250 employees…So what music shows does MTV have left? Do you even watch…

Mariah Carey on TRL stripping & laughing crazyish

Mariah allegedly freaked out on this episode – you decide she passed out ice cream and showed up in high heels and short shorts. Carson Daly acted like an idiot of course

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