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Trend To Try: Fancy ‘Sport’ Sandals?

The triumphant return of the Birkenstock as a legitimate fashion blogger-approved footwear option was only the prequel. Everybody knew it was just a matter of time before more questionable looking, but oh-so comfortable sandal options became trendy again. Teva, the sport sandal you rocked as a kid that has only been seen on the feet… More »

Trend To Try: Ummm…Eyeball Jewelry?

​Well, I guess we’ve finally run out of clothing, accessories, piercings and tattoos to plaster all over our body. Now, some fashion adventurers are using eyeball jewelry to truly express their individual style. It requires a little bit of Lasik-style surgery to get a tiny heart, star, or small design permanently implanted onto the whites… More »

Trend To Try: The Cabbage Soup Diet?

Are you looking to shed some pounds fast leading up to a big event like a wedding, prom, or a trip to the beach? Well, plenty of people swear by the cabbage soup diet. This questionable diet isn’t exactly nutritionist and doctor-approved, but trendy dieters claim they can lose up to 10 pounds in just… More »

Trend To Try: The Flat Mule Shoe

I’m very pleased to say that today’s trend is super comfortable AND might be replacing the Birkenstock this year! Cue the confetti emoji! Spring 2016 runway shows were riddled with various versions of the flat mule. This comfortable, closed toe, slip-on shoe is super functional and can be easily paired with jeans and a t-shirt or… More »

Trend To Try – The Neck Bandana

Bandanas aren’t just for cowboys and fashion-forward dogs. This winter, sub your long, flowing scarf out for a cute neck bandana. A fancy, silk bandana looks totally chic paired with a striped shirt or sweater or even around a turtleneck. If you’re looking for a more laid-back western or motorcycle vibe, invest in your standard… More »

Trend To Try: The Wide Choker

We all know ’90s-inspired fashion vibes are back in a big way. #DUH Seeing friends and celebs alike dressed like the cast of Singles is just another Tuesday at this point. If you’ve been rocking the very ’90s choker necklace like a champ, now is the perfect time to upgrade. Instead of your usual thin black… More »

Trend to Try: Oil Slicked Hair Color For Brunettes

Brunettes everywhere have begrudgingly stood on the sidelines as their lighter colored hair pals have worked hair color trends like the ombre, lavender fairy look, and granny gray. Since it’s too damaging and entirely too much work to keep roots looking legit, most brunettes (myself included) have just ignored passing hair color trends knowing we… More »

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