10 Of The Hottest Toy Fads Of The 90’s

Doesn’t it seem like only yesterday when you were asking your parents for the latest toy fads of the 90’s? It seemed like every month, a new toy would come out that everyone HAD to have! We rounded up 10 of the hottest toy fads of the 90’s for nostalgia’s sake. Enjoy and let us… More »

Top 10 Toys Of Holidays Past You Probably Had On Your Wish List

The holidays are here and with Christmas just three weeks away, there’s no doubt we’re all in full blown prezzie shopping mode!  While most of us relish in the holiday season as adults, it feels like they meant a lot more to us back in the day – especially when it came to waking up… More »

30 Of The Most Wanted Toys of the 90’s

Every year as it gets closer to Christmas, I haul out my old VHS tapes (jeeze, I’m old) of all of my favorite Christmas cartoons from my childhood. Being that my mom recorded them from the TV when I was a kid, as I’ve gotten older, I find myself fascinated with the old toy commercials… More »


It’s the Claw Machine in Walmart, that must be so horrible locked up inside a Walmart all day and night just waiting to be Rescued and Loved !! View in full size

Your Favorite Toys Exposed & Dissected!

Babies, You’ll never look at your fav toys the same way again….and it’s fucking amazing! The uber talented artist Jason Freeny has totally exposed and dissected these little creatures to show us what would really be inside their plastic shells…SO creepy-cute! “It’s always great fun designing them because I think it makes the characters feel… More »

Cuddle Buddy Alert: Cutest Pokemon Plushies = Instant Pick Me Up

It might be childish and not something a person in their 20s should need or want, but I’ve been so down. So very, very down that I’ve exhausted all of my resources for…

MoonChild Natalia

I’m so happy because Kerli put my draw to MoonChild Monday <3 Thank you

Toys @ Comic Con 2012

When I think of Comic Con, I think of comic books, graphic novels, art, and TOYS. There are toys everywhere and they are all kind of awesome. I don’t know what half of them are and I don’t like talking to people so I never ask. When one isn’t stuck in line waiting for a… More »

You Can Now Buy ‘The Hunger Games’ Barbie!

Listen up, Hunger Games fans, you can now purchase your very own Katniss Everdeen Barbie doll! Equipped with weapons, a thick side-braid, and a makeup-fresh face, the Katniss Everdeen doll…

Weekly Win!!! 1-18-12

WEEKLY WIN: Creepy toys There’s nothing more BubbleGothtastic than creepy toys. We got I-Loo <3 and the ones familiar with my music videos know my long standing love for Ball Jointed Dolls. But I have a soft spot for all kinds of strange toys so I’ve created a little gallery for you. Be careful though,… More »


Let’s face it: at this point, tattoos are pretty darn normal. 

What was once considered a form of rebellion reserved for sailors or bikers has become generally acceptable in society.  People from all walks of life…

13 Zombie Toys That Are More Cute Than Creepy

What better way is there to herald in Halloween than with zombies? These grand marshalls of the Halloween Parade keep speeds down with their slow gait at the head of the pack. Rather than get all ooey gooey and gorey this time around (not that this gallery doesn’t have those), let’s take a look at… More »

14 Creative Recycled Toy Sculptures

Robert Bradford takes old unused and unloved toy and makes them into amazing works of art that sell for thousands of dollars. These creative sculptures are all one of a kind and can even inspire a fun DIY project. What do you think about these recycled toy sculptures?

Question of the Day: What Were Your Favorite Toys As A Kid?

For much of the morning, the internet here at Buzznet has been out. Well, that may not be entirely true. Bree and Yasi and Elise had intenets but I didn’t. I think my internets were…

Ferris Wheels &Cream Puffs Sanrio 50th Anniversary Party in Los Angeles

This party was so fun! You really felt like you were in some magical Sanrio land as soon as you walked through the door. Check out lots of photos from the party HERE

Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary Party – The Toys

If life was a Sanrio Store, this place was surely heaven. Everything I ever wanted was all in one place, except I couldn’t touch most of it.


I was shopping for a new bed when all of a sudden Geoffrey walked by the window !!!!! Of course I had to go out and get a photo of him. Geoffrey is the mascot for the store Toy’s R Us which is next door 😀 View in full size original : D

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