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Larry ‘Bud’ Melman Shuffles Off Mortal, Late Night Sidekick Coil

It is with considerable sadness that we note that Calvert “Larrry ‘Bud’ Melman” DeForest has passed. The AP describes him as “gnomish” and a “balding, bespectacled nebbish,” but we prefer to remember him as a…

Lindsay Lohan Vs. The Paparazzi: New York Shutterbug Hood Ornament Edition

In a refreshing change from the kind of mundane, paparazzi-related vehicular incident that ostensibly sober tabloid bait Lindsay Lohan frequently finds herself in on the photographer-clogged streets of our fair city, the new Wonderland Center… from

Defamer SwagWatch: The Deadly Silent Dummy

The delivery of unbidden swag to Defamer HQ is such a rare occurrence that we momentarily get excited by the unexpected appearance of a package on our doorstep, forgetting that it will invariably contain promotional… from

A Deeply Moved Trump Finally Breaks Silence On Rosie’s Depression

Sensing that sworn enemy Donald Trump might have an opinion on Rosie O’Donnell’s recent announcement that she’s being treated for depression, the selfless celebrity mediators over at ET and The Insider once again invited The…

Hollywood Hepatitis ScareWatch: A-List Directors At Risk!

Hollywood event-catering watchdog group is all over the Wolfgang Puck Hepatitis A scare story like yellow on the jaundice-afflicted eyeball of a party guest who unknowingly gobbled down a tainted tuna roll, pledging that… from

SAG Awards Announced: More Leo, More Helen, More ‘Dreamgirls’

Rather than rely on a method more appropriate for the public’s interest level in their event, like scrawling the names of their honorees on a series of Post-It notes, affixing them to the door of… from

Gus Van Sant: To DUI For

With precious few hours until we kick off for our Christmas vacation, we never expected that the Celebrity DUI Gods would send down yet another drunk-driving mugshot for our amusement, but they’ve just delivered the… from

Great Moments In Network Standards & Practices: The Uncensored ‘Dick In A Box’

Just five days after SNL’s “Dick in a Box” (variously and coyly referred to as “A Special Box,” “Special Treat in a Box,” and “A Special Christmas Box”) debuted on the show and on the…

Great Moments In Network Standards & Practices: The Uncensored ‘Dick In A Box’

Just five days after SNL’s “Dick in a Box” (variously and coyly referred to as “A Special Box,” “Special Treat in a Box,” and “A Special Christmas Box”) debuted on the show and on the… from

Annals Of Movie Marketing: Color In Wilbur, Then Devour ‘Some Pig’

The AdFreak blog points out a truly inspired Charlotte’s Web promotion offered by the Richmond Times-Dispatch, in which kids are invited to color a picture of Wilbur, the film’s porcine star, for a chance to… from

Recreating Nicole Richie’s Wild Ride

You’ve read the booking sheet with its shocking, self-reported (and probably exaggerated by 10 percent) 85 lbs of body mass and listened to the chilling 911 calls, but now, thanks to local ABC affiliate KABC… from

Brian And Gigi Grazer Team Up For Romantic Comedy Of The Apocalypse

While things certainly seemed touch-and-go for superproducing genius-vampire Brian Grazer and writer/starter war bride Gigi Levangie for a few, uncomfortable months, today’s Variety brings hope that their relationship is once again stable; after all, the… from

NBC’s Jeff Zucker Sharpens Blade, Starts Thinking About A Trip To Burbank

Lately, when we see the words “restructuring,” “reorganization,” and “NBC Universal Television Group president Jeff Zucker” in close proximity in the same story, we brace ourselves for a lowball estimate of how many employees are… from

Britney Spears Upskirt, Take Two: Now With Virtually Nothing Left To The Imagination

Say what you will about Britney Spears, but she’s a pro. Upon inspecting the photos from her recent, impromptu upskirt shoot, in which her genitals were amateurishly obscured by a badly positioned thigh, she vowed… from

Kramer’s New, Racist Material Not Exactly A Hit At The Laugh Factory

During his Laugh Factory set on Friday night, Michael Richards finally tried out fresh material intended to achieve some separation between his beloved, bumbling Kramer persona and the working comedian desperate to forge a post-Seinfeld…

Stephen Dorff’s Death Threat An Instant Career Highlight

If you insist on knowing the complicated interpersonal dynamics that resulted in the answering machine death threat left by amusingly uncensored rageoholic Stephen Dorff, here they are: He is quite cross that Steve-O, a person…

Fed-Ex In The Morning: A K-Fed And Britney Divorce! Shocker! Round-Up

Anna Nicole Smith’s C-Section: The Miracle Of Instantly Exploitable Life

On last night’s installment of ET, the show finally broadcast the magically exploitative centerpiece of their deal to help Anna Nicole Smith extract every last dollar and publicity opportunity from the recent, tabloid-ready birth-death cycle…

Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Accuses Incumbent Of Consorting With Orphan-Stealing And Bushy-Eyebrowed Hollywood Devils

We know absolutely nothing about the gubernatorial race in Michigan, but this flier that landed in our inbox supporting Republican candidate Dick DeVos gives us all the information we need at a glance: incumbent Governor… from

K-Fed’s WeHo Halloween Performance As Mercifully Brief As You’d Hoped

Yesterday afternoon, we urged you to check out hip-hop/househusbanding impresario Kevin Federline’s live performance at the West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnaval, partly because the crushing crowd and anonymity afforded by your costume would make any… from