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Top 10 Things On Buzznet This Week

Once again, Yasi and I find ourselves alone in the office. That means that Yasi is being Spinderella on the wheels of steel and we are listening to Jock Jams, Prince and Madonna.…

Top 10 Things On Buzznet

Spring is in the air on Buzznet! Not only is this evident on our photos page, but the world of fashion is alive with spring collections that are popping up like wild flowers.


Top 10 Things On Buzznet

This week, Aviva is away in the Land of Nod, doing things I cannot write about because of the legal implications. That means that I will write the Top 10 Things On Buzznet and you…

My Top 10 Britney’s Outfits & Accessories (January 2011)

I decided to create this blog while I admired some pieces Britney wore in January, and even though a lot of people said she’s like a ragged person and she’s not a good…

10 Things I’m Loving This Week

Everyone else is doing this, but oh well.








America’s Next Top Model (watching older cycles while waiting for the new one)


Lippin’ Large Lip Plumper


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