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Angels & Airwaves Debut Video For “The Wolfpack”!

Angel & Airwaves have released a video for their song “The Wolfpack” off of their Dreamwalker album. The latest single, along with the rtest of the album, was recorded and produced by frontman Tom Delonge, and the band’s…

Youtube Evolution Of: Blink 182!


I don’t know if you saw but I recently got to do an interview with Travis Barker which you can see HERE! It got me back into listening to

The Evolution of Blink 182

Blink 182 is a band that marked a generation, its so funny and original songs, his concerts, his style, one of the most representative bands of happy punk, and I really love them! I grew up with them, I have all their albums, and one of the happiest days of my life was when I… More »

Mark Hoppus Turns 40! Who Will He Celebrate With?!

Mark Hoppus is best known as being one third of the most influential and admired bands in music, Blink-182. Mark also has his hands in fashion, social media and even hosts is own music talk show on FUSE. Between working with new artist, touring and his show, Hoppus On Music, Mark knows A LOT of… More »

Mark Hoppus Is Already Writing New Blink-182 Music

Blink-182 fans, have no fear.  You will not have to suffer another 8-year span between albums.

Because while Blink’s Neighborhoods only released last September, Mark Hoppus has revealed in…

What’s Your Best Blink 182 Fan Moment?

One week from today, Blink182 is releasing their first album in  8 years and we’re SO EXCITED!

We have something special planned since Blink influenced so many of the bands we…

Blink-182 Take You Behind The Scenes of ‘Up All Night’ Video

Blink-182 have a released this candid behind the scenes video for their shoot of ‘Up All Night. The video features a lot of kids in chaos, intense performance shots and a…

Blink-182 Release New Song ‘Heart’s All Gone’

Blink-182 have just released a new song, ‘Heart’s All Gone’ via a separate website,

Upon arrival to the site hit control A to initiate the…

Mark Hoppus Reveals New Details on Blink-182 Album

Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus took to his Tumblr blog during his flight from JFK to LAX on June 22nd, to let fans know what he has been up to.

<img src=""…

New Blink-182 Album Set to Release This Summer

I’ve gotta confess, Blink-182 is one of those bands that really SOUNDS like summer to me.  Maybe it’s because of listening to “What’s My Age Again” on repeat during at least one summer in high…

Blink182 @ Reading Festival

Day Three. All images credit: GETTY.

Free Download: New Angels and Airwaves Song “Hallucinations”

Free things, Love, hallucinations—what is this, the 1960’s? Ah, no, it’s just a shiny new song from Angels and Airwaves. It’s called Hallucinations and it’s off of their upcoming album Love, which will be released

What’s Going On With Blink 182?

We know they’re back to bonding like the three amigos we knew them as. We know that a tour will be happening this summer. All that is phenomenal, but what are the little happenings in

Blink-182 Reunion! Sort Of …

This Sunday, Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker will all take the stage together again — just not in the way most Blink fans would like. [cut=Read more…]

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Top FanGirl Moments of 2008

Bree McGuire (Buzznet network project manager, breesays) might have her own fans, but she still has her own fangirl moments. Trust.

Tom DeLonge Addresses Travis Barker’s Plane Crash: ‘It’s Not About Me’

Everyone apparently wanted to know what Tom thought — he says, forreal guys, it isn’t about me. (Audio only)

AVA outtakes (warning, these are outtakes for a reason!)

Snowballs, ‘Secret Crowds’ and laser goggles: An evening with Angels and Airwaves

On the last day of Angels and Airwaves‘ tour, they took a little time pre-show to talk with Buzznet! We got situated downstairs at Los Angeles’ Wiltern LG while they sound-checked, and…

It Hurts – Angels & Airwaves

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