LISTEN: Calvin Harris And Gwen Stefani Come Together For New Song!

I cannot believe this is real! Top EDM producer Calvin Harris and the incredible Gwen Stefani have come together to relase a new single called Together. The pairing might seem unlikely but Calvin’s had mega…

Hear Me Out With Keltie Colleen

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As you guys know, I have a ton to say. After blogging for almost TEN years and sharing my life and inspiration and hard times with you daily…

Hear Me Out With Dani Vitale

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Ever say to yourself “This is the worst day ever”, “My life sucks”, “Things are never going to get better”, “I hate everyone and everything” ?

Love Everyone.


Love everyone. Stand #together against bullying. More info from @OfficeDepot:

LISTEN: The xx’s “Together” From The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

The xx have released their contribution to The Great Gatsby soundtrack, “Together,” today! So. Many. Feels. I must have listened to it about 5 times already. Their music always gives me…

90s Love: Johnny Depp and Kate Moss

Not since Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin has every single photo of a couple looked like a living breathing editorial. Not until the fashion Gods granted us meager earthlings the opportunity to oggle Johnny Depp and Kate Moss intertwined in all their glory that is. Johnny and Kate ruled our dream worlds from roughly 1994-1998,… More »

Taylor Swift Introduces Harry Styles To Her BFF Emma Stone!

It’s a big move for someone to introduce the person they’re dating to their friends, especially their nearest and dearest! It looks like Taylor Swift

Zayn Malik’s New Girl: Little Mixer Perrie

A few days ago, Twitter blew up because of this photo of Zayn Malik and Little Mixer Perrie that surfaced…

Happy Mother’s Day

In occasion of Mother’s Day I thought to create a gallery with some photos with my mom and me throughout the years. You can see a very little me and also some pics of the past 5/6 years in different occasion from birthdays to holidays 😉 Thanks so much mum for being such an important… More »

I Want To Stay With You… Forever

Music is my life, even though I’m just studying how works in this area, with theory and other stuff, I’ve always created texts of songs or simple poetries. My source of inspiration, obviously, is my…

I’m by your side, just for a little while…

Forever Together

Love you so much my honey

A couple of days in great company

Tomorrow I go to my best friend Antonella, and stay with her a couple of days, I come back home on 30th… The last time we met was on August, for her b-day, and finally we can see again, share our Xmas gifts and stay together, laugh, talk, shoot photos and other things, I’m so… More »

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