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NOT everyday life #8

happy birthday to my beautiful, talented, sweet, loving, caring, adorable (as in i adore her) sister.

today, the love of…

Welcome to the Tea Party :)

Avril’s “Alice” Song: Epic, or Wailing Fail?

The first song we got to hear from the Almost Alice soundtrack–music inspired by the Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, to be released the same day as the film–was the 3OH!3’s “Follow Me Down.” …

Tim Burton To Take On Sleeping Beauty

The anticipation for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (opening 3/5/10) builds, but the director has already been whisked away by his next idea–Sleeping Beauty. Sort of. [cut=Read more…]

If you’re aching for a sweet tale of…

What’s New With Wonderland: Links

Since news of the Tim Burton-directed film keeps tumbling in, I thought I’d just give you everything you need to stay updated. Clink on, oh curious ones.

Family Force Five will contribute a song called “<a…

Mad Hatter Poster

From the Alice in Wonderland movie, out 3/5/10 Do you think anyone would rock this costume come Halloween, or is it too freakish?

Alice in Wonderland: Official Trailer #2!

Look, I don’t like to use the word EPIC often, lest it lose it’s force, but I just watched this trailer, and it was the only thing that came to mind. [cut=Let’s see it…]


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Stills & Promo Images from Movies and TV

Tim Burton’s “9” Starring Jennifer Connely and Elijah Wood

2008 Scream Awards

Shots from the show itself, as well as some red carpet images. All photos are from Getty Images. DO NOT REPOST.

Scream Awards 2008: General Round Up

So, The 2008 Scream Awards Show actually took place Saturday night, but the telecast aired last night on Spike TV.  If you didn’t get a chance to see it or if my liveblog just ain’t

sweeney todd red carpet part deux — its all about the hair

it was freeeeeeezing but fun. tim burton was cool. so was jamie campbell bower. he’s really hot. i think he’s definitely going to be big after this movie. his friend was hating. i can’t believe kieran culkin. i spotted him sneaking in the movie that little scoundrel . watch my interview with amy lee from… More »

rappin with amy lee from evanescence on the sweeney todd red carpet

amy was cool. it was freezing and we both had on fur coats — faux of course. she told me she liked my hair. more red carpet stuff 2morrow

Homeless People Crash Awards Show

Kidding. This is Johnny Depp presenting a lifetime achievement award to best bud, Tim Burton at the Venice Film Festival. Tim was honored for his many contributions to the cinemative landscape over the years, such as “Ed Wood”, “Batman”, “Big Fish”. You name it. If it was quirky, turned on… from socialitelife.com

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