#FBF Celebs Rocking Those Frosted Tips

In the late ’90s and early 2000’s, frosted tips were the shit. Seriously! All your fave boy boys worked those tips, with Justin Timberlake leading the charge. In real life, the hot guy in your class was the one with frosted tips kept perfectly erect with extra hard hair gel. The trend crashed and burned… More »

#FBF Gadgets and Toys From the ’90s That Seem Absurd Today

The ’90s were a simpler time. Before smartphones, lightweight laptops, tablets, and video games with insanely realistic graphics, kids and adults got by on what felt like “cutting edge” tech. The bougie family down the street had a 6-disc changer in the car. The spoiled kid in class had a Game Boy Color AND a… More »

Cuddle Buddy Alert: Cutest Pokemon Plushies = Instant Pick Me Up

It might be childish and not something a person in their 20s should need or want, but I’ve been so down. So very, very down that I’ve exhausted all of my resources for…

Remember When: Britney Spears Had The Urge To Herbal

Yes it’s true! From around 2000-2002 Britney Spears did a promotional campaign for Herbal Essences shampoo. I remember wanting nothing more but to run out and buy this shampoo the moment I saw…

An 80’s Throwback Video Premier “Get To You”

Some of you may know Matt Wertz and some of you may not, but he’s a good friend of mine that’s based here in Nashville. He’s a fantastic artist with several records under…

All Star Cartoons That Made My Childhood

For my first All Star Month post I decided to take it back to my childhood days. I can remember waking up, having breakfast and watching…

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