Hey Jealousy

Don’t you love when people say “I’m never jealous!”?… I call bullshit! We’ve all been there… the jealousy monster rears its ugly head at least…

Thought Blog: Make The Homeless Smile

Hey guys,

As you know, Youtube is a good way to post all the things you love or do for the world to see…also it’s known for making things go viral.

I mean…we all know the “Harlem…

Thought Blog: Taking Tattoos To The Extreme

Hey Buzzies. 

I felt the need to make this Thought Blog based on a topic many of you seem to have opinions and interest in: Tattoos

I came across a video that I…

Thought Blog: What Is Love?

Remember when this is how you felt about love?

Ok if that didn’t make your day…

Thought #5: Lady GaGa Quote

So true.

Thought #4: Christofer Drew Quote

Thought #3: Patrick Stump Quote

After reading a letter from Patrick I really wanted to support him. I think, he needs support now more than ever. It’s sad to realize that so many people are very cruel…

If I Could Talk…

My mom’s friend just sent me a really touching email with a text she found on a Costa Crociere forum, it’s a sort of poetry or a sort of thought, Costa Concordia would like to say if only it could talk… “I’m here, laid in the cold. The water of the sea, my inseparable fried,… More »

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