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This Providence Release New Single ‘Trouble’

This Providence is planning to make some major noise this year with a brand new EP, Brier. Today, the band is releasing the first single off the EP titled, Trouble; and is launching…

Music Notes 3/22

Notes are full of fun today — but the big question is, why is Usher afraid of Adele? 

Usher is afraid of Adele?

This Providence discuss their return…

This Providence Part Ways With FBR, Still Plan To Kick Butt

Yesterday I shared the news with you guys that This Providence is back and ready to release a new EP. Today we got even more news that this new EP will be released sans…

David Blaise Reveals This Providence Is Back

David Blaise called in to chat with The Gunz Show last night and reveal that This Providence is, “back from the dead.” Blaise discussed why the band has been off…

Cartel & This Providence @ The Troubadour

I love The Troubadour. You always feel so darn close to the bands on stage. I suppose this time I really WAS close, thanks to the Buzznet LMU crew (simplekindoflovely, swingthefocus11 and emisforily) who waved…

This Providence: Shower Singers

Attention fan of This Providence and/or fans of shower singing — Tomorrow, December 8th is your LAST day to vote for the songs you think the band member are mostly likely to sing while getting…

Ryan And Jared dancing and singing to FF5 Love Addict :D


THIS PROVIDENCE: “Beautiful Rescue”

Awww 😀 I them so much 🙂

Top 10 Favorite Bands

10. Mae

9. No Doubt

8. The Audition

7. Lorene Drive

6. The Hush Sound

5. Led Zeppelin

4. The Starting Line

3. This Providence

2. Fall…

Zac and This Providence rapping =D

AHAHAHA! oh my crackerjacks!!!!! hehehe Zac is getting soo cute ^_^ “That butt you got me soo hor-ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” hahahaha!

Kayla is What We Aim For

Buzznet member Kaylaisradxo just saw Cute Is What We Aim For, This Providence, All Time Low and some other cool bands and she took photos: Indulge in the rest of her show photos here. And…

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