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Double Elimination: The X Factor Sixth Live Show Recap [Episode 17]

November 15, 2012

Results night in the 17th episode of The X Factor plus most anticipated Taylor Swift performance.

“This is not gonna be easy” says Demi in a video interview.

It’s Divas Night – The X Factor Fifth Live Show Recap [Episode 16]

November 14, 2012

Tonight the theme is divas songs and we all are ready to listen and enjoy the performances of the Top 12 even though the pressure is really high this…

New The X Factor Commercial

Check out this new The X Factor commercial of the judges looking bad ass amidst a Key$ha song!

Britney Spears On The New Star Magazine Issue

Star Magazine tries to stay relevant by rehashing Britney’s dark times in 2007 thanks to the defamation lawsuit brought on by Sam Lutfi. Star says Britney having to hear about these painful memories may send her into another downward spiral. “She has been freaking out and crying nx, locking herself in her room,” says a… More »

The X Factor Contestants Talk About Divas Show

This week’s X Factor theme is DIVAS, and the contestants gave a little hint of what viewers can expect.

Arin Ray decides less is more: ”It’s…

X Factor Contestants Gush About Britney Spears

Even though Britney’s graced The X Factor contestants lives for several months now, they’re still in awe of her star power.

“She’s just been teaching us all of her tricks and tips,” Diamond White tells

Who’s The Favorite Act Of America? – The X Factor Fourth Live Show Recap [Episode 15]

November 8, 2012

Tonight, for the first time ever, we will discover who’s the favorite act of America and one contestant will have to leave the competition.

But before to start…

US Public Votes For His Favorite Act: The X Factor Third Live Show Recap [Episode 14]

November 7, 2012

Tonight for the very first time ever the final 12 fight for your votes but there’s a little surprise/news… Judges after watched back the previous show made a decision,…

Final 16 Become 12: The X Factor Second Live Show Recap [Episode 13]

November 1, 2012

Tonight the final 16 become 12.

We will have four eliminations, one for each category: two acts go through the next live shows, the other two will fight…

Tonight Is The Night: The X Factor First Live Show Recap [Episode 12]

October 31, 2012

Tonight for the first time the final 16 singing live from Hollywood!

Judges and their four acts appear on stage! Britney is flawless in…

Britney Spears On Novel: ‘Who Knows’

Everyone knows Britney’s planning on writing a fiction book. Everyone except Britney! Hollyscoop asked Britney about her upcoming book at The X Factor finalists party on Monday during an interview with Beatrice Miller. Maybe the confusions stems from the reporter referring to the book as an autobiography before quickly correcting herself. Brit replied: “Who knows…… More »

Britney Spears At X Factor Party

Britney and her fellow X Factor judges hosted a party in Beverly Hills on November 5, to celebrate the Top 12 X Factor contestants


Britney Comments On Return To The X Factor

Is Britney going to return next season on The X Factor?

According to recent reports, she most likely won’t.

Find out what she says in this latest video from ExtraTV:

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Britney Is Amazing!

Though it’s not her catchphrase, we’re sure Britney’s favorite word to describe the talent this season is “amazing.” One reporter asked Britney about it. Check it out!

New Britney Interview On Extra

Britney gave an interview to Extra after her appearance on The Tonight Show. Britney said she will bring sons Sean & Jayden to the “X Factor” studios on Halloween. Seymour asked Simon if he’d be going trick-or-treating, to which he quipped, “No, dahling, I’ve never tricked or treated in my life. We don’t have that… More »

New The X Factor Commercial Featuring Finalists

A new commercial for The X Factor aired after the baseball game this weekend featuring the finalists who’ve made it to the live shows!

Mario Lopez & Khloe Kardashian Talk About The X-Factor

Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian gave Extra! an interview about their new roles as judges on this season of The X Factor,  the two have great professional chemistry. Mario admits one of his…

Britney Spears Tweets Obama

Britney Tweeted President Barack Obama a special message and video asking which presidential candidate has The X Factor! You have swagg!

Mitt Romney Tells Britney Spears To ‘Get A Job’… Er, Sort Of!

Nothing is bigger on TV in the United States than the upcoming presidential election – except maybe the current season of The…

This Is The Moment Of Truth: The X Factor Episode 11 Recap

Last week judges discovered which category they are going to mentoring and the 24 acts had the last performance in judges’ home before live shows.

Tonight only four in each category go…