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The Evolution Of The Spice Girls

As you all saw with my previous Spice Girls gallery, I am obsessed. They have had so many flawless looks and through the years they managed to stay just as incredible as they were in 1997! Take a look through this gallery to see the evolution of girl power. Which Spice Girls look is your… More »

♡ Jessi Jae Joplin’s Weekly Photo Inspirations ♡

My picks for this weeks photos are highly inspired by things that I’m obsessed with in pop culture. Like my favorite films, music and tv shows…which include Daria, The Spice Girls, Beevis & Butthead, Clueless, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Christian F, Gummo, Clarissa Explains it All and MORE!! Check it out!

Music Notes 1/10

More reuniting? MAYHAPS, my friends. Check out the bits from today’s music news round up.

Will the Spice Girls reunite for the 2012 Olympics?

A Rocket To The Moon have begun recording their next…

Buzznet Catches Up With Kerli as She Preps for Buzznet’s SXSW show; BubbleGoth Goddess Cites The Spice Girls as a Major Influence

Estonian pop star and DIY style icon Kerli is making her way to Austin, TX in a few days to play Buzznet’s Party at The PureVolume House during the 2011 SXSW festival

<img src=""…

My Fashion Icons

My fashion icons range from bubblegum pop princesses to Grunge queens…I guess BubbleGoth is a mixture of them all…ravers and goths all in the same pot <3 Take a look at all these fierce girls that have influenced my style and sound off about your fashion icons in the comments. X.

Monday Buzz 7/9

Joel Madden is my hero! No serious, look who he was about to beat down! (The Dirty Disher)

Clay Aiken beaten up by a girl? (IBBB)

The Spice Girls…

Music Stuff 4/9

Tori Amos on Britney Spears. (celebitchy)Sporty Spice LIVES! (Pop Bytes)Rivers Cuomo lives! Writes a song about… a pig? (Idolator)New Lady Sov vid. (Yahoo)If you love The Hype Machine send them a postcard!New Muse video “Invincible”

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