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Buzznet Exclusive: Amoeba Adventure With The Rocket Summer & CD Giveaway

One of our favorite things to do with artists is find out what records have inspired their music and hold a special place in their hearts. Our…

Music Notes 6/4

Music notes; because let’s face it, #musicrules

PureVolume has the latest from The Rocket Summer. (HINT: New summer jams)

New epic music video from <a…

Stream The Entirety Of The Rocket Summer’s New Album

Left frustrated by The Rocket Summer‘s 30-second previews of ‘Life Will Write The Words‘ over the weekend? Can’t wait one more day until the album’s official release…

Stream The Rocket Summer’s New Album…..Well, Part Of It

The release of The Rocket Summer‘s first album since 2010 may only be a few days away but if you can’t wait until June 5th, you…

Three For Free: The Rocket Summer, Natives, and Misha B Give Away Their Music

This week’s music news updates have felt pretty slow. What’s worse is that the rare headlines that were written were mostly negative, such as iconic rock label Roadrunner Records closing many of their…

Music Notes 4/24

Music notes for a full balanced diet of music news. Enjoy kiddos! 

30 Seconds To Mars working on new album. 

Electric Guest premiere new music video on…

BUZZNET EXCLUSIVE: The Rocket Summer’s New Album Art First Look!

We’re longtime fans of The Rocket Summer and are eagerly awaiting the June 5th release of “LIFE WILL WRITE THE WORDS.” As we count down the days until we have…

Music Notes 4/16


Let’s take a look at what is happening in music news today kiddos! 


The Rocket Summer announces new album. 

The Swellers release new music video. 


Song vs. Song: SPRING THEME

Fevers, flowers, flings and blooming things.

Of Men, Angels and Absolutely No Disco Sticks: An Interview with The Rocket Summer

To Bryce Avary’s future children–move along, nothing here to see. As for everyone else–on February 23rd, 2010, the scene will be gifted with The Rocket Summer’s fourth studio album, Of Men and Angels. If the

All Time Low keep pop-punk alive with L.A. show

Tuesday night the Alternative Press tour hit Hollywood! It started kind of ridiculously early (anyone who caught Forever The Sickest Kids or Sonny, drop a comment and I’ll include…

Tokio Hotel, Coheed and Cambria added to Bamboozle


The Bamboozle fest in NJ got some new adds as of Thursday!  (Not to be confused with Bam Left, west-coasters) [cut= The additions are…]

Sing It Loud reveal new song featuring All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth

Epitaph pop-punk outfit Sing It Loud have a new song up on their MySpace called “No One Can Touch Us” and it…

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