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Is Music Going Back To Basics?

I absolutely adore music from the earlier years. The whole big band era simply makes me loose my breath. But nothing more magical then music from the 60’s to 80’s. You might remember…

Voices Inside My Head

The Police, The GM Place, Vancouver, Canada, May 27, 2007 “Message in a Bottle” “Synchronicity II” “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” “Voices Inside My Head” > “When the World Is Running Down” “Spirits in the Material World” “Driven to Tears” “Walking on the Moon” “Truth Hits Everybody” “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”… More »

Bonnaroo Lineup

It’s time for the 6th Music & Camping-Fest, Bonnaroo. Four Days. 100 Bands. 20 Comedians. “Bonnaroo packs an unprecedented amount of entertainment options into
its four days. The event offers attendees the amenities and community
spirit of…

Music Buzz 1/31

Gym Class “It’s Ok, But Just This once” acoustic. (FHMonline)NY Teen tells the RIAA to suck it. (1010wins)Jay-Z for… Cherry Coke? (postchronicle)Cartel on Cribs. (vh1)The Police are reuniting. Does anyone care? (punknews)

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