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5 Reasons To Love The Maine

As The Maine celebrate a decade-long career, we started to think about all the reasons why we love them, which wasn’t hard at all. While there are many reasons to absolutely adore these fine humans, we decided to share the 5 most important while we devour new album, Lovely Little Lonely for the hundredth time… More »

Throwback Thursday: WIN A Vintage The Maine Autographed Photo!

Here at Buzznet, we find hidden or long forgotten treasures hiding in drawers, boxes or cubbies on the regular. We recently came…

The Perfect Holiday Playlist Ft. Tyler Carter, Debby Ryan, Breathe Carolina & More!

It’s that time of year again where we all dress warmer, buy presents, drink lots of hot chocolate and dig out our ugly sweaters. The Holidays are fast approaching and that calls for one thing..amazing…

Our Favorite Music Videos Of September!

Believe it or not September is coming to an end. Before we dive into all of the new music October has in store for us, let’s look back at our favorite music videos of this…

Things I Purchased This Week

This week I purchased 3 new vinyls… all which sounds AMAZING & bought some new staple pieces at H&M and Forever 21.

Video Vault June 30, 2013

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Here at Buzznet

Video Vault June 23, 2013

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Here at Buzznet, we’re posting super cool exclusive videos all week. Just in case you…

The Maine Answer ‘Forever Halloween’ Fan Questions Part 1

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Take a…

Buzznet Breakdown June 16

It’s time for our weekend wrap up of our favorite posts from the week! Warped Tour has finally started, it’s summer and we are super excited for all your posts, so keep ’em coming! Take…

Video Vault: June 16, 2013

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Here at Buzznet, we’re posting super cool exclusive videos all week. Just in case you…

The Maine On Their New Album ‘Forever Halloween’ Part 2

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Take a look at our new interivew with The Maine about…

The Maine On Their New Album ‘Forever Halloween’ Part 1

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Take a look at our new interivew with The Maine about their latest album, Forever Halloween. Be sure to stay tuned for more with…

WIN Signed ‘Forever Halloween’ Treats From The Maine


We had The Maine stop by for some fun last week to celebrate the realease of…

BUZZNET Exclusive: The Maine Take Us On An Amoeba Adventure

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The Maine just released their fourth LP Forever Halloween, so we invited them on an Amoeba Adventure to see what kind of music has…

The Maine Headline The 8123 Tour In Anaheim

The Maine are here to rock your socks off, as they headline The 8123 Tour along side fellow friends opening up in A Rocket To The Moon, This Century and Brighten. Last night I got to capture the first ‘official’ night of the tour and as a fan for 6 years, you will not be… More »

The Maine Headline The 8123 Tour In Anaheim: ‘It Felt Like Love…’

With the self-release of the fourth LP Forever Halloween earlier this week, The Maine have packed up all their friends and hit the road with for The 8123 Tour


Send In Your Fan Questions For The Maine

The Maine are stoping by next week and we want to ask them YOUR fan questions. With their new album Forever Halloween coming out on June 4th, we’re sure you have tons…

Dressy vs. Messy: Boys In Bands

Our favorite rockers usually abide by a very strict uniform of tees and jeans. When they’re really feeling saucey, sometimes they’ll forgo a shirt altogether. And why should they care? It’s a tried and true look that their fans love. I mean, a rocker in a suit is pretty much a contradiction. A cool, casual… More »

Musicians Posing With A Koala Bear

You all know exactly what I mean when I say “the famous adorable koala picture”. We have seen it for many years now and I know I personally go, “AWH” everytime I see someone posing with that little grey fluff ball. I came across a TON of amazing photos of our favorite bands and musicians… More »

Punk Goes Pop….Again: Volume 5 To Feature Mayday Parade, The Maine & More

For the third year running, Fearless Records have slated a new “Punk Goes…” compilation album for release in November. Taking on “Pop” for the fifth time,…

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