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My Top Artists for 1/19 – 1/26

I needed to chill out last week, as you can see…

NME USA Awards 2008: MCR, The Killers, Kate Nash Get Some Win In


The NME USA Awards were broadcast live Wednesday, and I’m going to do you a favor and just list the winners, courtesy themusicslut: [cut=Read more…]

Best Video:…

Who needs real love? (hi will u b my ‘maginary boyfren?)

I got TAGGED by Hulda! 🙂

1. You post your top 10 fantasy guys/girls
2. You tag 10 people.
3. You CANNOT tag someone who has already been tagged.
4. You have to let the people you tagged…

Tuesday Buzz 7/17

Brandon Flowers is a daddy! Baby Flowers was born Saturday! (Allieiswired)

Recappin’ Posh Spice’s reality show with IBBB.

Is Paris Hilton drugging her dates? (Evil Beet)


The Threat of Guyliner

While I am, in fact, a FAN of guyliner, this DoubleViking article was a hilarious read. I can’t even effectively sum it up from you, you’re just going to have to go read it….

The Killers – For Reasons Unknown

This song is probably one of my least favorites on Sam’s Town, but the video is okay. And by okay I mean I think they’re obsessed with sort of western theme, but hey, Brandon is still hot.

Baby Killer. Er, I mean, Baby Brandon Flowers.

I’m going to take a moment to exit the alternate reality in which I live– the one where Brandon Flowers is unmarried, single, and has permanent eyeliner– to…

Music Stuff 4/25

No more bad words in Hip Hop?

Kirsten Dunst thinks the US has “crap bands” (intoGossip)

Conor Oberst: Drunk and Generous. Damn, why wasn’t *I* at that show? (stereogum)

Killers cover Moz— it’s good,…

Back up off the Brando(e)ns!

So Cracked posted this list of the 9 Biggest Wussies in Rock Music, and at first I was like, whatever, Billy Corgan, Moby and Chris Cornell are so 1997. But then I click to page…

Music Stuff 3/12

Some FOB, Beyonce, Killers remix goodness. (zeon music)The Scr-Emo shirt. (somorescene)Maroon 5 is making another album. (Billboard)An odd song about Scarlett Johansson. (MySpace)Amy Winehouse is kind of a mess. (musicslut)

Music Stuff 3/9

Brandon Flowers tastes like Potato Chips! (music slut)Bright Eyes – No One would Riot For Less. (indieblogheaven)Menomena Tour, Video. (YANP)Whats the Greatest Indie Anthem of ALL TIME? (NME)

You’re Nobody ’til Somebody Hates You.

Since so many of you freaked out over the NME Awards results, I thought you might want to see this:This is from the March ’07 issue of Spin, the one with Fall Out Boy on…

2007 NME Awards (results)

Brooklyn Vegan posted the results of yesterdays NME awards, which had some very, um, controversial outcomes.My Chemical Romance won Best International Band.The Killers won Best Video, for “Bones”Lily Allen won Worst Dressed. Ouch! I always…

Where do you get your music?

The newest issue of Q Magazine has a list of 100 Places to Get Music Online, and Largeheartedboy was kind enough to post it online. Below are a few categories of interest.New & Exclusive Tracks

When You Were A Starlight…

I got the tipoff from Stereogum that team9 has graced the world with another amaaaaazing mashup. This one is The Killers “When You Were Young” + Muse’s “Starlight”   Do you love it? Hate it?…

Music Stuff 2/15

Brit Award Winners. (Musicslut)Kanye’s Mom is writing a book. (NME)Coachella is sold out! (billboard)NIN is trying to be like AFI. (PopCandy)The Academy Is… needs fans for their video shoot. (absolutepunk)

The Killers “Read My Mind”

Dear Brandon Flowers, When are you going to lose the ‘stache and pick up the eyeliner? Love Always, (but a little less with this look) Bree

Music Buzz 2/5

AOL is streaming Lifetime, Bloc Party, Apples in Stereo.FOB, The Killers, TBS on TV this week. (Absolutepunk)
M.I.A. calls her new track BIRD FLU “BECAUSE THIS BEAT GON KILL EVERYONE!!” (stereogum)Lily Allen on SNL. (popbytes)And… maybe…

The Killers / Spring Tour Dates

First Leg Tour Show Schedule (04.06.07 – 04.29.07):04.06.07 Santa Barbara, CA :: Events Center
04.07.07 San Francisco, CA :: Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
04.09.07 Los Angeles, CA :: Staples Center Arena
04.10.07 San Diego, CA…

Since Bree never really blogs on here…

This could be the song everyone relates to…
another melody something we go through
these could be the words to use in good fortune
to keep in the back of mind for your back-up plan
Confession: I really really…

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