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✩ Club Kid Apocolypse Photoshoot Feat Jessi Jae Joplin & Nick Ottaviano ✩

With the year coming to a close, a few of my friends (including Nick Ottaviano and Pilar Bermudes) got together and decided to shoot a Club Kid-Apocolypse themed photoshoot. We had so much fun running through the streets of North Hollywood covered in stickers, glitter, fluorescent colors and platform shoes. My great friend Sideara St…. More »

Pac Sun x Common Threads Event Feat Jessi Jae Joplin & Bebe Zeva

This past Saturday PAC SUN held an event on for Common Threads in Los Angeles.It was a fabulous industry celebration honoring companies and people who have been influential and inspirational this past year. I attended with my best friend Bebe Zeva and we had such a blast! The musical performance was Snoop Dogg…and he was… More »

♡ The Fabulous Stains BLACK FRIDAY Vintage Clothing Sale ♡

Lots of awesome new clothing FOR SALE NOW just in time for Black Friday on my online vintage clothing store – The Fabulous Stains. It’s filled with 80s, 90s, grunge, goth, punk, hippie, vintage and DIY clothing. Modeled by the lovely Aileen Estrada! Everything is very cheap. And super cute…So, go ahead and shop away… More »

The Fabulous Stains 2012 Lookbook Feat. Grunge Princess Violetta Ell

I am so excited to give you a sneak peek of my brand, The Fabulous Stains, 2012 Lookbook featuring the lovely Violetta Ell (who also did all the styling…and happens to be one of my previous Real Life Style Inspirations)! All vintage clothing hand picked by yours truly and will soon be available for purchase… More »

Jessi Jae Joplin & Bebe Zeva @ The Sunset Strip Music Festival

This past weekend my bestest friend Bebe Zeva was in town and we attended the Sunset Strip Music Festival on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood! It was such a blast! The highlight for us was seeing Los Angeles punk band X live at The Roxy! Check out all the photos I took! We had so… More »

RECAP: Rookie Road Trip Feat Jessi Jae Joplin, Tavi Gevinson, Mindy Kaling And MORE!

I don’t think I can adequately express my love and adoration for the incredible week of Strange Magic events (part of the Rookie Road Trip) put on by all the awesome folks at Rookie Mag, including Tavi Gevinson, Petra Collins and Hazel Cills. I attended the events with my bestie Lucia Ribisi and we had… More »

Real Life Style Inspiration: Aileen Estrada

This week, I’d like to introduce you to the Fabulous Aileen Estrada. She has been a HUGE style inspiration of mine and I’m so excited to share her amazingness with you all! Aileen was born in Hollywood, Florida but now lives in Montreal, Canada, studying Creative Arts in college. The fashion style Aileen’s most comfortable… More »

✩ NEW Clothing From The Fab Stains Feat. The Lovely Chelsea Rea ✩

Hey Everyone! We just posted some awesome new vintage clothing for sale on my vintage shop The Fabulous Stains! They are modeled by my lovely Canadian Bff (and previous Real Life Style Inspiration) Chelsea Rea. She herself is an avid thrift store junkie…along with being a lover of candy, stickers, glitte, punky colour, and Kitsch… More »

WATCH: Jessi Jae Joplin & Bebe Zeva Do Little Tokyo

This past week, my best friend Bebe Zeva and I took a trip to Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles. I was very excited because I had never…

New Fabulous Stains Clothing For Sale feat. Bebe Zeva!

Check out these amazing new items we just posted for sale on my vintage clothing shop The Fabulous Stains. They are modeled by my very…

♡ Stripes, Polka Dots, Prom Dresses And MORE From The Fabulous Stains ♡

New vintage clothing for sale from my shop The Fabulous Stains (modeled by my BFF Bebe Zeva). Check out all the cool stuff and shop away before…

Jessi Jae Joplin And The Ruckus Premiere ‘Fists or Bullets’ Featuring Hanna Beth, Bebe Zeva, and MORE!

Check out my band, The Ruckus’, BRAND NEW music video for ‘Fists or Bullets’.  The video is slightly inspired by the film The Craft…ya know, a group…

✿ NEW Clothes & Accessories from The Fabulous Stains ✿

Check out some of the new clothing and accessories from my best friend Bebe Zeva and I’s vintage clothing collection The Fabulous Stains. It’s filled with super…

Get To Know Buzzmaker Profile: Jessi Jae Joplin

Check out the super cool interview I did while at the official Buzznet Buzzmaker photo shoot!  I had such a blast and it was so much fun spending…

✶NEW✶ Vintage Clothing From The Fabulous Stains On ETSY!

Due to our love of vintage, flea markets and thrift stores, my best friend, Bebe Zeva, and I recently started a vintage clothing collection on Etsy called The Fabulous Stains. It’s filled with 80s, 90s, grunge, goth, punk, hippie, vintage and DIY clothing. We just added some super cute dresses, jackets, tops and accessories to… More »

Real Life Style Inspiration: †Norelle Rheingold†

I would like to introduce you to this weeks style inspiration and the NEWEST member of The Fabulous Stains, Norelle Rheingold. Norelle hails from Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany (a beautiful city in the Black Forest next to Switzerland and France). She is a fashion blogger, photographer, musician, passionate artist & performer. In addition she creates… More »

The Fabulous Stains: Vintage Grunge, Goth, Punk & Hippie Clothing!

I’d like to proudly introduce to you my new vintage clothing collection, The Fabulous Stains! I’ve been hyping up this venture for quite some time now, so I’m really excited to see it come to fruition – and just in time for Cyber Monday! The collection was actually started by my best friends and I… More »

Real Life Style Inspiration: Misha McKagan

This week, I would like to proudly introduce you to my lovely friend Misha McKagan. I was initially highly drawn to this rad girl mainly because of her carefree, rock and roll lifestyle and our common interests in Daria, Joan Jett and movies from the 80s! Although Misha hails all the way from Prague, Czech… More »

Real Life Style Inspiration: Violetta Ell

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the lovely Violetta E. She has been one of my favorite people to write about thus far because her fashion and style are truly inspiring. Let me tell you a bit about this grunge princess…Violetta is an amazing 23 year old blogger and photographer. She spends most… More »

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