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Are Big Music Labels Losing Their Power?

Today, The Cab released their second album, Symphony Soldier (you can read Keltie’s review of it right over here).

And they did it without a label.

This is something we’re seeing more…

5 GENUINELY ROMANTIC Songs for Valentine’s Day

Okay, we’ve done single, vengeful and, um, YOU KNOW, songs for Valentine’s Day.  But what about LOVE?  You know, that thing we’re supposed to be celebrating today?

Don’t worry. …

Dallon Weekes and Special Guests Go Broadway

Dallon Weekes is the extremely talented mind behind The Brobecks and is currently acting as the touring bassist for Panic! at the Disco.  He also, apparently, absolutely loves the internet, because he has given…

Darkened Nights and Violent Things: A Brobecks Review

So, around these parts, Dallon Weekes is known as “that guy who played bass for Panic! at the Disco during their tour dates this summer.”  But Weekes is also the frontman/sole permanent

Breaking News: Ian Crawford to Play Dates with Panic! At the Disco

Fans attending the Blink-182 tour dates with Panic! at the Disco as an opening act: consider yourselves warned.  The chance of killer riffs and awesome hair has just increased.


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