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William Beckett during FBR chat last night

Were any of you in on this? What did you think? I asked a few questions, but all it succeeded in doing was annoying some of my twitter followers. Ha.

Up In The Air Playlist

This weekend I watched a little TV (no, I didn’t aquire one, I was at boyfriend’s house) and caught a few movie trailers as a result. One was for “Up In The Air” starring

The Academy Is… at the 2009 AP Fall Ball Tour @ Altar Bar in Pittsburgh, PA

The Academy Is… closed a sold out show on the final stop of the 2009 AP Fall Ball Tour. And in true TAI… fashion, they did it with STYLE.

The Academy Is… at the 2009 AP Fall Ball Tour @ Altar Bar in Pittsburgh, PA

The Academy Is… closed a sold out show on the final stop of the 2009 AP Fall Ball Tour. And in true TAI… fashion, they did it with STYLE.

Save Our @SiskyBusiness!

And suddenly, a horrific cry rang out across the internet.  For, low and behold, William Beckett has spoken:

Gasp, shock, horror.  We cannot allow this to happen, Buzznet. 

AP Fall Ball in Hollywood.

Let’s have this be sort of a non-traditional review, hmmkay? Since there 5 of us Buzzneters who are also avid Twitterers at the show last night, it can be summed up quite splendidly. [cut=Read more…]


New The Academy Is… EP!

Hurrah! In celebration of their headlining slot on the AP Fall Ball, The Academy Is… releasing a 5 track EP titled “Lost In Pacific Time.” [cut=Gimmie gimmie more…]

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William Beckett Working with Demi Lovato, Fans On Internet Are Angry

It was the Tweet heard ’round the scene: William Beckett of The Academy Is… has announced he collaborated with Disney star Demi Lovato on a song for her second album.


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The Academy Is… Rocks the 2009 Pitt Bigelow Bash

Every year, the University of Pittsburgh shuts down Bigelow Blvd. between 5th and Forbes and puts on a rock show. In 2009, they were lucky enough to score the amazing boys from The Academy Is… and I was lucky enough to fight my way to the front to get some pics!

Fast Times at the University of Pittsburgh: The Academy Is… Rocks the Bigelow Bash

So, every year on the first Saturday in April, the University of Pittsburgh closes down Bigelow Blvd. between Forbes and Fifth Avenue.  This serves two purposes:

  1. Massively messing up traffic patterns through Oakland
  2. Allowing Pitt to throw

My secret valetine for hearts & handshakes

I might not have time to upload tomorrow so here you go, katiexlee! 🙂

We The Kings, Hey Monday and Cash Cash Go Acoustic

We The Kings, Hey Monday and Cash Cash are three bands who are getting pretty big pretty fast.  So, how awesome would it be to score

Want to Catch a William Beckett Acoustic Set?

Did you somehow not manage to get enough William Beckett in your 2008?  Between numerous tours with The Academy Is…, including a mainstage gig at the 2008 Vans Warped

Top 50 songs of 2008

Part I – 1-25! This was tough.

My Top 15 Songs of 2008

2008 is about to come to a close.  And 2008 in music has been huge: we’ve heard new music from The Academy Is…, Kanye West, Gym Class Heroes, Panic at the Disco, Pink,

The Academy Is… Present ‘Winter Passing’ Video

William Beckett takes a stroll in the snow and sings of holiday-inspired loneliness. Le sigh. Happy Holiday, emo kids. (via Absolutepunk)

Early Warped News: What Bands Have Already Confirmed?

So it’s still cold here in parts of the US, but some of us are already looking forward to next summer and at least one stop at the annual punk rock summer camp that is

Bill and Trav’s Bogus Journey Tour @ Mr. Small’s Funhouse in Pittsburgh, PA 11/08

I missed Carolina Liar, unfortunately, and couldn’t get into the pit (there…really wasn’t much of it) but I scored a handful of shots of We the Kings and The Academy Is… rocking the crowd in ‘da Burgh!

MERRY RAMENMAS! (Or…um…Happy Ramekkah?)

It’s December again, and you know what that means.  Cheer, merriment, goodwill, and holiday greetings from Fueled by Ramen artists.

Yeah, yeah, OLD…

Gym Class Heroes to Join T-Pain’s Circus

The Gym Class Heroes have made a name for themselves for being genre-straddling artists.  Not quite hip-hop, not quite punk, not quite pop, the boys have a kind of appeal that transcends