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Things To Be Thankful For

I have so much to be thankful for this year. So much has happened and I feel like I have grown into the person that I want to be. It’s the little things in…

BUZZNET Exclusive: All Time Low & More On Thanksgiving (VIDEO)

Thanksgiving is so close I can almost taste it! In anticipation for the delicious holiday, I have asked some of your favorite bands a few questions all in the theme of…

Macy’s Unveils New Balloons For Thanksgiving Parade (VIDEO)

It’s officially the holiday season! There’s nothing more festive than the Macy‘s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The parade organizers recently unveiled the three new balloons that will be debuting this week!…

Thanksgiving Table Setting DIY Inspirations

I love the holidays, who doesn’t? One of my favorite things is the decorating and DIYS! These are some of my current favorite Thanksgiving table setting ideas. The ones with gold, green, white pumpkins are out of this world! I plan on doing some of these next year.. Or today If I can find some… More »

Funny Thanksgiving Sweaters To Rock At Your Family Gathering!

Every fall/winter I feel like SOMEONE I know throws an “ugly sweater party”, where in order to attend, you need to be rocking the weirdest ugliest sweater you could find. I always have found it to be funny and a good way to get everyone in a good mood, you can’t go wrong! I came… More »

THANKFUL: Jacqueline Laurita

I asked my mom to tell me what 5 things she was thankful for this year. Check out this gallery to see what Jacqueline Lauritahad to say. 🙂

How To Celebrate The Holidays When Far From Home

The holiday season is upon us and for many it’s the happiest time of year filled with food, fun and family. For some who can’t be with their families on the big day because of school, work, lack of cash to make their way home or traveling abroad, it can also seem like the worst… More »

Bands Share Their Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving is almost here people! We are all just hours away from digging into the pumpkin pie! To honor one of American’s most beloved holidayswww, we had some of our favorite musician share some Thanksgiving memories here on Buzznet. Have fun flicking through these stories from Martin Johnson of Boys Like Girls, Wes Dimond of… More »

Reasons Why I Am Thankful This Year

It is just about time to stuff our faces and celebrate Thanksgiving. I wanted to share some of the things I am thankful for in 2012! I am thankful for… My family, my dog Cinderella, my health, to have a roof over my head and my career. Thank YOU all for always reading my posts… More »

What To Wear To Thanksgiving

It’s an age-old question: What to wear on Thanksgiving. Well Buzznet is here to save the day!

Although Thanksgiving is for lounging and eating, most people spend the day with family and friends. Therefore, it’s appropriate…

Celebs With Their Families

Ahhh, the holiday season… the time of year which is usually spent with loved ones who are near and dear: family! There’s nothing like sitting down to holiday dinner and just spending some quality time with the fam. What do the celebrities do for the holidays? While some are jet-setting to warmer climate like Hawaii… More »

15 Albums To Be Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving pals! Hope you are all going to eat a lot, spend time with family and reflect on what you are thankful for from this year. It’s not a secret I think music rules — and there are tons of albums I love and adore. I wanted to share a few of them with… More »

Garlic Mash Potatoes Recipe (Vegan)

For vegan Thanksgiving dinners, large family meals, or weeknight suppers, these roasted garlic mashed potatoes are a deliciously comforting side dish. And, of course, they’re healthier than those mashed potato recipes that call…

THANKFUL: Caroline Manzo

I recently asked my aunt 20 questions. I also asked her to tell me five things that she was thankful for this year. Check out this gallery to see what she had to say. 🙂

10 Albums I’m Thankful For

WithThanksgivingon my mind I wanted to share one of the things I’m most thankful.Music!From sound tracking my greatest victories to my “I’d rather forget about” downfalls to long road trips, music has beencrownedmy soul mate for life. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see10 albums I’m thankful for. Which albums are you thankful… More »

Pumpkin Pie Recipe (Vegan)

Who’s ready for the holidays! I know I am! Here is the perfect recipe for pumpkin pie! It’s super delicious and it’s vegan

The pie filling in this recipe needs…

Nail Art You Can’t Stop Being Thankful For!

It’s no secret that I am a HUGE nail art lover. I am always looking through nail art pics on Instagram or Tumblr. My sister and I would literally spend hours looking through photos and doing our nails every single night! Nail art is so fun, especially when it is themed!! Since Thanksgiving is right… More »

10 Things We’re Thankful Canada Gave Us

As much as we love our good ol’ United States of America, Canada is definitely on the top of our list of other awesome places! The North American country is a pretty great place that’s also given us some really amazing things, like celebrities and food. In honor of today being Canadian Thanksgiving Day, here… More »

Question of the Day: What’s the best thing about Thanksgiving?

For those of us that celebrate Turkey Day, our time is nigh. Turkey Day means food, piled onto or near more food, covered in food that has been sprinkled with nom, and dessert.


42 Thanksgiving Cupcakes Too Cute To Eat

When you think of Thanksgiving, the first foodstuff that pops into your head would most likely be mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, various pies and last, but not least, the star of the show… TURKEY! Well, it’s time for the turkey to move over – the cupcakes are out and ready to be the main… More »