Misha Nonoo NYFW 2013

The Misha Nonoo FW 2013 collection was presented atop The High Line by The Standard in downtown Manhattan. Inspired by the NY-based designer’s recent trip to Moscow, Nonoo’s designs were both romantic and sharp in their architecture. The models stood in a straight line, resembling high-fashion Russian dolls, decked in stately countryside ensembles that fused… More »


My stepson sent me this beautiful mug and this TAZO TEA. I love the tea it’s very unusual since it has black pepper and other spices in it but tastes really good 😀 View in full size

30 Things I Think Are Beautiful

As most of you can tell by my last few blogs, I am hibernating inside my house, writing, drinking tea and wishing everything was the same, and that everything was different. I just need to surround myself with love, and beauty. Here are 30 things I think are beyond lovely. xx! ps. make sure to… More »

Happy 1st Anniversary William + Kate: My Fav Union Jack Stuff

So, as all of you know, I am a massive Princess Kate fan. I just love her. It’s been one year since the royal wedding (and 7 months since I went as Princess Kate for halloween!) I was searching through pinterest and noticed how many amazing union jack things are floating around, and I wanted… More »

You’re Late for TEA

I kind of want to have a tea party, so I skipped all over the internet to find cute TEA THINGS. You know who also makes tea cool? Emilie Autumn.

How to Survive: Tea with Lady Gaga

Tip #1 – First and foremost bring your own tea cup, particularly one that screams individuality. Afterall, Lady Gaga always brings her own.


Chinatown Film

My and my friend Nat…

Lady Bug

Photos Via Lolita

Thank you for all your kind words, they are greatly appreciated. Bear with me this week as I dive…

QOTD – What’s Your Favorite Kind Of Tea?

Photo By – Meredith

This QOTD goes out to all my tea drinkers from across the sea because STUFF. What’s your favorite kind of tea? Do you even like…

Willkommen to Ronnie’s Tea Party

With the whole Alice im Wunderland hype going on, I decided to invite you all to my ideal tea party.

<img src="http://img.buzznet.com/assets/imgx/1/0/5/3/1/2/6/1/orig-10531261.jpg" border="0" alt=""…

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