Teen Choice Awards 2014 Winners List

The Teen Choice Awards were last night here in LA hosted by Tyler Posey and Sarah Hyland. All of the hottest young stars in music, TV, movies and more were all in the running…

Is Hayley Williams The Next Karen O?

With Hayley Williams recent style transformation, I couldn’t help but notice she’s been taking on many of the same style traits and even moves as the lovely Karen O of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs! This thought was finally solidified with Hayley’s new haircut! I know not everyone loves change, but you can be anybody you… More »

Fashion On The Blue Carpet: 2013 Teen Choice Awards

Tonight, August 11, the young stars of Hollywood all stepped out dressed to the nines at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards. Everyone looked amazing from head to toe. My top picks for best dressed are Bella Thorne and Hayley Williams. They looked fabulous, as did many of the other young stars. Take a look at… More »

Lucy Hale Hangs Backstage @ TCAs: Looks Good, Has Fun, And Gives Back

Lucy Hale and Darren Criss have been super bust rehearsing for tonight’s Teen Choice Awards but still took a break and stopped by a fun backstage lounge for everyone involved in the awards show to catch up with…

Flash Back Friday: The Very First Teen Choice Awards 1999

In honor of the Teen Choice Awards this Sunday. August 11, I wanted to do a special “flash back Friday” with a gallery of the very first ever Teen Choice Awards in 1999. I can’t help but laugh at the fashion that was going on during the late 90’s but everyone rocked it…kind of. I… More »

Britney Records Video For Demi At TCA’s

Britney recorded a little congratulations video for Demi for hosting the 2012 Teen Choice Awards! Chcek it out!

Best & Worst Dressed At The Teen Choice Awards

My best dressed goes to Fergie hands down for the star Dolce & Gabbana dress, I have been drooling over that for a long time! I’m also feeling Lucy Hale’s. It’s edgy without being over the top or out of character. As far as worst dressed it might have to go to…. as much as… More »

Getting Ready, Backstage & At The Teen Choice Awards

I had such an amazing time at The Teen Choice Awards tonight! Thank you to my awesome glam squad… The Kids, Priscilla Ono & Dylan Honey. I had fun with the winner of the contest who came to the TCA’s with me. I have been up for 17 hours and need to catch a flight… More »

What I Wore to the 2011 Teen Choice Awards

I was so excited to be on the blue carpet for the TCAs today. I had a hard time picking what to wear when I found out it was going to be a very hot,…

Teen Choice Awards 2011: Best of the Blue Carpet Fashion

Earlier this afternoon, all of our favorite celebrities from this year’s hottest movies, TV shows and musical performances arrived at the Gibson Ampitheater for the 2011 Teen Choice Awards. From Taylor Swift to Justin Bieber to the Kardashians, the blue carpet was filled with celebs in the latest fashions. Let’s take a look at the… More »

Kardashians to Replace Beyonce in Performance of ‘Run the World’ at Teen Choice Awards

The Teen Choice Awards are upon us and our beloved Beyonce is OUT. Queen B was set to perform her female empowerment anthem “Run…

Lord Voldemort Suing Teen Choice Awards for Eleventy Million Dollars

He who shall not be named (AKA Lord Voldemort) was not too pleased to see that he was snubbed from two major categories at this year’s <a…

Selena Gomez, Kaley Cuoco and OneRepublic at the Teen Choice Awards!

OMG AHH!!! Major news from the Teen Choice Awards!

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Hanna Beth & Audrey Kitching Gallery

I know, probably there are already a lot of gallieries about this couple of scene queens, but I’ve always loved them and I was really sad when their friendship ended, so I thought to create this gallery, remember their friendship: wraped tour, hanging out, photoshooting, private life ect ect. + new photos at TCA 2011… More »

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