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BABES! BABES! BABES! Who’s Your Fave?

With so many A-List babes in Hollywood, it’s reallly hard to pick just one famous face to crush on, soooo I decided on ten…is that ok? I would date any of these guys in a heartbeat and I’m sure there’s a few on my list you’d die to see on your doorstep! Who would you… More »

BUZZNET Exclusive: Taylor Kitsch On John Carter And Why You Should Throat Chop Him!

He’s best known as Tim Riggins on the now-defunct NBC show Friday Night Lights but after today Taylor Kitsch will be better known as John Carter. The 30-year-old actor,…

Taylor Kitsch Talks About Getting His Cajun On For “Wolverine: Origins”

When it was announced that there would not be a follow-up to the cinematic DISASTER that was X-Men: The Last Stand, some fans, like me, lost hope that we would ever see some of our…

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