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The Best Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos On Pinterest

With Halloween less than 2 weeks away, it’s likely you’ve already re-watched The Nightmare Before Christmas more than a few times. I hit up Pinterest and stumbled upon some seriously insane tattoos inspired by Tim Burton‘s, spooky, silly, creative and crafty wonderland of characters. Click above into the gallery and lay your eyes on some seriously dropping designs,… More »

Finger Tattoos Of Hollywood’s Young And Rebellious

In recent years we’ve seen a boom of young Hollywood celebrities fearlessly go under the gun and get inked with a special phrase, portrait, or symbol. Their choices are often deeply personal, but where they decide to have their skin permanently inked takes things to another level of intrigue. We’re seeing more an more Hollywood… More »

Halloween Inspired Tattoos To Get You In A Spooky State Of Mind

October is the spookiest month of the year, full of tricks, treats, and silly fears. Sure everyone loves to tap into their darker side and throw back a couple mini-candy bars, but for some, Halloween and everything associated with it is a way of life. Their passion for things that go bump in the night… More »

Harry Potter Tattoos To Inspire Your Next Ink

Harry Potter is one of those meaningful and magical story franchises that goes beyond just being words on paper. J.K. Rowling created a world where one can escape the stress and struggles of real life, be more than a muggle, and feel a sense comradery among other fans of the series. Among these fans are… More »

31 Incredible Map Tattoos

Tattoos are a super personal way to show off your inner passions for all the things that make your world go round, and if you’re an avid globe trotter, or just dream of hopping on a plane and never settling down, what better way to show off your obsession with exploring the world than with a… More »

30 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Shel Silverstein Books

Pretty much everyone remembers reading Shel Silverstein books growing up. From The Giving Tree, to Falling Up, and Where The Sidewalk Ends, the list goes on. What better way to show your love for an author/illustrator than to have their work on you forever? Take a look at the gallery above filled with all Shel Silverstein inspired… More »

Hot Or Not: White Ink Tattoos

White ink tattoos may not be the most popular choice when it comes to getting art inked on your body, but it seems to be the most discreet if you have a lighter toned skin color. Sure they aren’t as exciting as classic black and colored pieces, but they have a unique quality that makes most do… More »

Arrow Tattoos To Inspire Your Next Ink

Pretty much anyone who has ever gotten a tattoo says once you get inked, it’s basically impossible to stop at just one. While some people opt to go big and get massive pieces, others stick to strategically placed smaller tatts that are super cute and easy to hide if needed. One of the more popular… More »

Jeffree Star Drops New Video In Defense Of Kat Von D’s Accusations

It’s not even a surprise that the Kat Von D and Jeffree Star drama wages on. After Kat released a video two days ago accusing Jeffree of not paying artist BJ Betts for work he did for his make-up packaging, and letting fans know she was no longer going to associate herself with him, the… More »

76 Knuckle Tattoos To Knock You Out

When it comes to tattoos, placement is very important. Some get inked with the idea of having it in a place that can be easily covered if needed, while others don’t give three fucks who sees their ink and puts one of their most expressive body parts under the gun. Knuckle tattoos are nothing new, but if… More »

One Word Tattoos To Inspire Your Next Ink

When it comes to tattoos there are a zillion different things you can get inked to express your thoughts, feelings and personal beliefs. From elaborate and colorful sleeves to impressive black and white pieces, tattoos are fascinating and, at times, intimidating for those with less experience getting inked. If you’re getting the itch to ink,… More »

Full Hand Tattoos Worth Applause

Only the very brave and committed will go under the tattoo gun to get the entire top of their hand inked. Unable to cover the art, unless you put a glove on, full hand tattoos are always on display. Sure there are some we’ve seen that are seriously cringe worthy, but the gallery above deserves… More »

Ink Inspiration: Teeny Tiny Animal Tattoos

I don’t have any ink on my body, but that doesn’t mean I don’t admire tattoos on others. Sure large pieces are impressive and take tons off time and artistic skill, but the teeny tiny tattoos always manage to steal my heart. After pouring over tons of itty bitty tattoos on the Internet, I collected a gallery’s… More »

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Your Celebrity Tattoos?

Trend To Try: 3D Tattoos

It’s no secret…Buzznet is fascinated with body art. Whether it’s cutest couple tattoos, tributes to pizza, or holiday themed ink, we’re totally obsessed with tattoos and they way they express individuality. Well, if you thought tattoos couldn’t get any cooler or more realistic, let’s talk about the very latest tattoo trend to try – 3D… More »

30 Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs And The Meaning Behind Them

Even if you don’t have tattoos, it’s easy to be intrigued by those brave enough to go under the gun and get something permanently put on their body. One of our personal faves here at Buzznet are dreamcatcher inspired designs because, just like a tattoo, each one is a little different. Rooted in Native American… More »

The 40 Best Puppy Tribute Tattoos

Owning a dog is big responsibility, but all the feeding, playing and clean up is worth it for the unconditional love and attention a furry puppy friend gives in return. Some pet owners are so devoted to their four legged best buddy they go to great lengths to show how much of their heart is held by… More »

25 Amazing Album Art Tattoos

Tattoos are a lovely form of expression and when you add your favorite music artists to the mix, you’re definitely winning. While I don’t have any ink of my own and probably never will due to me being the biggest chicken sh!t, I can’t deny the awe I’m in whenever I come across a fantastic… More »

Buzz Bites: Joe Jonas Reveals Why He Dyed His Hair Blue

Happy Hump day! Wow this week is flying by…lets see what’s making the world wide web go ’round mid-week. This video…Katniss and Pita…yes the edible kind…not the Josh Hutcherson Hunger Games character Peeta. Watch…please. Kaia Gerber…model-on-the-rise and daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford told Teen Vogue the secret behind her bold and beautiful eye brows. Ugh she’s… More »

Fans Who Can’t ‘Let It Go’: Disney Frozen Tattoos

When Disney’s Frozen premiered last year, it took the world by storm and grew an insane fan base. People STILL can’t stop watching/talking about Frozen. Some people are so loyal to the movie, they’ve decided to never “Let It Go” and get a Frozen tattoo! Take a look in the gallery below at all the… More »

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