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Exclusive Interview: Travis Barker Talks MusINK, Tattoos & More!

Hey Music Pals, 

As you may know I am covered in tattoos and have really fallen in love with the tattoo industry in whole. I am…

75 Magical Zodiac Sign Inspired Tattoos

My horoscope and zodiac sign are something I live by. I am so true to my sign, Pisces, and checking my horoscope and daily cards have become a part of my life. Tapping into your spiritual being can really help bring positive light into your life! I have been inspired by my gal Samii Ryan’s… More »

25 Extremely Patriotic President Tattoos

Happy President’s Day to America 🙂 What better way to celebrate the love for your country than getting a president tattoo?! These people paid tribute to their fave prez by getting inked up. From Abe Lincoln to Bill Clinton + many more we have found people with insane President tattoos! Take a look in the… More »

Tattoo Update

While I was home for Thanksgiving, I figured my best use of time would be getting a tattoo from my artist in Nashville, Tim Bobeck(bobeck_art on instagram). I filled in the clouds I already had, added a lil “whisp”, and then had him do a quote that I’ve wanted for a couple years now. “POP… More »

Update – Tattoo Diary

at this point i have lost track of how many tattoo’s i have… maybe 40? ha! check out my tattoo diary to see all the tats i have gathered over the years from getting “rude dude” between my fingers when i was 18 to my most recent yin yang on my foot with my friend… More »

Miley Cyrus Gets Personal Tattoo Courtesy Of Kat Von D

Miley Cyrus‘ latest addition to her collection of tattoos is particularly sentimental. The singer, 20, got a portrait of her grandma on her arm. Kat Von…

Star Wars Tattoo Mania!

I’ve been a fan of Star Wars from I was a kid & now i couldn’t be happier & see how people still love and enjoy this fantastic phenomenon, for this reason i wanna show us a gallery full of tattoos related to Star Wars, what do you like? In case if you don’t got… More »

Exclusive Interview: Kid Ink Talks Video Games, Tour & Working With MGK!

Hey Buzz Pals, 

I sat down with the extremely talented, Kid Ink, for an interview for all of YOU! 

We discuss tour, his dream…

Youtube Evolution: Happy Birthday Lil Wayne!

It’s that time of week again, FRIDAY! Which of course means I will be giving you a lovely Youtube Evolution. This week’s evolution is on Lil Wayne, today is his birthday so it was the…

Hear It First: Best Of Friends

If you are like me, you are always on the search for new music to get obsessed with and play on repeat.

A pal of mine told me to check out his new band

Miley’s New Tattoo

This is the latest tattoo of the singer, which one is the name of the magazine Rolling Stone.

Thought Blog: Harry Styles Got Me Thinking…Why Do We Hate?

Hate. What does it REALLY mean and why do we hate?!

Youtube Evolution Of: Memphis May Fire

It has been a bit since I have gotten to do a Youtube Evolution, I MISSED IT!

This week’s evolution is on the band I think you all love, Memphis Mayfire!

So Why Do We Celebrate Friday The 13th?

Black Cats, Jason, Scary Movies, Cheap tattoos and the fear of the #13!

We all know what Friday the 13th is but do we all know why we celebrate it? I sure didn’t until well..about 10…

Fashion Spotlight: TENELEVEN

Reblogged from Brittany Lee

This past weekend I got to attend Rock The Bells in California thanks to the VIBE fam with some pals you may even…

Fashion Spotlight: TENELEVEN

This past weekend I got to attend Rock The Bells in California thanks to the VIBE fam with some pals you may even know from here on Buzznet: Callina Marie, Jon Boogiee

A Backstreet Boys Concert Review Through The Eyes Of An Nsync Fan

SO I am now 24 years old and can confidentaly say that I still will rock out to pop music from 1997-present. It makes me happy, no shame here!

I have always been a loyal Nsync

20 Celebs Pretending To Be Covered In Tatts

I stumbled upon a pic of Kim Kardashian covered in tattoos and was like woah. Imagine if some of your favorite celebs who are clean skinned were covered from head to toe in tats? The Internet has used its photoshop skills to make our imaginations wonder no longer. I have gathered some of the craziest… More »

New Music: Justin Bieber Ft. Miley Cyrus & Lil Twist

Ok…not gonna lie…this makes me want to dance. Like there has to be a small part in everyone who likes this right? Or am I alone in this? It may not be the most intricate…

Justin Timberlake’s Performance + Speech At The 2013 VMAs

No words are needed for this…Justin Timberlake has and will continue to be one of the most talented and incredible artists.

Here is his performance and speech from the 2013 Video Music Awards!

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