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The Many Faces Of:

I know you all love to smile and of course love looking at your favorite musicians, celebs and band members right? Well, why not do both at the same time! I am going to do a weekly gallery displaying “The Many Faces Of” your favorite people showing off their goofy and candid faces. We have… More »

HOT or NOT? Lady Gaga Gets HUGE Monster Claw Tattoo

WOW, Lady Gaga got a HUGE new tattoo. 

She shared the process on her Instagram captioning, “Monster4Life”. The tat is a “monster claw” symbolizing…


I hope you not totally bored with my On The Road blogs. Living in an area with lot’s going on around you leads to maybe some interesting stuff to…

So…..Drake Got An Emoji Tattoo

Well, it looks like Drake got an emoji tattoo.

Very interesting choice for…

Current Obsession : Beauty Marks

So I recently discovered BEAUTY MARKS by this amazing lady called MR. KATEIcan’t get over how fun thy are- basically they are your classic temp…

HOT or NOT? Cara Delevingne Gets BACON Tattoo On Her Foot

Cara Delevingne is not on your typical “model diet” and her love for bacon just got real serious.

Just a few days ago she posted this crazy Vine of herself indulging in a bacon sandwich and…

Tattoo Concealer: The Easiest Way To Hide Your Ink!

SO many people always fear tattoos because they don’t want to limit themselves from certain jobs. I clearly never let that stop me and just got covered head to toe. For those of you who think you can’t hide tattoos…that may not be the case. Tatttoo concealers can cover almost every tattoo on your body… More »

Happy Shark Week! 70 Thrilling Shark Tattoos

Happy Shark Week! What better way to kick of the best week of the year than with a shark tattoo gallery? These people take their love for sharks to a whole new level by getting them tatted on their bod. Some have cute shark tattoos and others really show off the fierceness of sharks. Whether… More »

Miley Cyrus Tattoos Artist Bang Bang…Frealz. Pic Inside!

Yes, you read right. Pop-star Miley Cyrus put down the mic and picked up a tattoo gun while visiting NYC to not only get two new pieces…

Lions, Tigers And Bears Oh My: The Cutest Animal Tattoos!

I have an obsession with body art. I love to draw when I’m not singing or scuba diving, and I used to spend classtime drawing on myself all throughout highschool and college. My senior prediction was literally: “Anjali stops drawing on herself!” I have a tattoo of a shark and turtle, but I wanted to… More »

Selena Gomez Gets New Ink! What’s It Mean?

Selena Gomez has added some fresh new ink to her tattoo collection. She apparently got it a month ago but Bang Bang McCurdy just dished all the gossip to…

Summer Lovin’: Tropical Tattoos To Fall For

Summer is here and I’m lovin’ all things tropical…especially pineapple. I came across the cutest little pineapple tattoo and then was on my way looking all kinds of tropical tattoos. From waves, sunshine, palm trees, mermaids and more I have gathered some of the cutest tropical tattoos for you to fall in love with this… More »

30 Beautiful Butterfly Tattoos

If the day ever comes that I am brave enough to get a tattoo, I can almost guarantee you it will be a butterfly. A butterfly has always had an important place in my heart and the meaning behind it is truly special to me. I’ve been doing lots of browsing around lately and wanted… More »

The Best Nirvana Tattoos!

I am a huge fan of Nirvana and always will be. They are such a legendary band and really inspired most of your favorite bands and artists you listen to today. I am such a big fan that I got a Kurt Cobain portrait right on the center of my chest, that’s commitment right? So… More »

Show Us Your Tatts: Feat. Jared Leto

If you happen to be someone with eyes reading this then you will be very grateful for this gallery. Not only is Jared Leto perfect and to me quite possibly a god, he has some great tattoos. Which tattoo of his is your favorite? See who else has shown off their ink: Austin Carlile Oli… More »

Sundays Best:

I decided hey why not start a Sunday Funday series called “Sundays Best” that I will post every Sunday featuring the best of….whatever we all decide. I want to leave it up to you all to help me pick the theme for the posts so be sure to comment below with your ideas! This week’s… More »

Disney Princesses Tatotoos And More!!!

Today I found an amazing illustrations by Tim Shumate Illustrations(Telegrafixs). I love her new version of Disney princesses tattoos. It reminds me about the time when I was a little girl…

The Best Spice Girls Tattoos!

I am SUCH a huge Spice Girls fan, always have been and always will be. I even got them tattooed on my back. I am not alone…SO many people have shown their pride for “Girl Power” by making it permanent on their skin. I put together some of the best ones I could find! Take… More »

The Best Sunflower Tattoos!

As you guys MAY know, I have quite a few tattoos! One of my personal favorites is my sunflower hand tattoo! Sunflowers have always been my favorite flower because they just make you happy and aren’t as cliche to give someone as a rose may be. Since Summer is approaching I wanted to make a… More »

Hot Or Not: Tattooed Porcelain Figurines

I love to show you unique designs. I know that on Buzznet we like to talk about tattoos so I have a wonderful combianation of fragility and present.

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