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Arrow Tattoos To Inspire Your Next Ink

Pretty much anyone who has ever gotten a tattoo says once you get inked, it’s basically impossible to stop at just one. While some people opt to go big and get massive pieces, others stick to strategically placed smaller tatts that are super cute and easy to hide if needed. One of the more popular… More »

One Word Tattoos To Inspire Your Next Ink

When it comes to tattoos there are a zillion different things you can get inked to express your thoughts, feelings and personal beliefs. From elaborate and colorful sleeves to impressive black and white pieces, tattoos are fascinating and, at times, intimidating for those with less experience getting inked. If you’re getting the itch to ink,… More »

Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Dr. Seuss Books

It’s basically impossible to grow up and not read Dr. Seuss books. The whimsical characters, colors, and ever famous Cat In The Hat is burned in all our memories. The life lessons and inspirational words are valuable at any age, and make for some pretty incredible tattoos. Check out the gallery above of some pretty… More »

The 40 Best Puppy Tribute Tattoos

Owning a dog is big responsibility, but all the feeding, playing and clean up is worth it for the unconditional love and attention a furry puppy friend gives in return. Some pet owners are so devoted to their four legged best buddy they go to great lengths to show how much of their heart is held by… More »

The Best David Bowie Inspired Tattoos

The world is reeling today over the news that music icon, David Bowie, passed away after a private 18-month battle with cancer. The 69-year-old glam rock legend dropped his 25th and final album on January 8th, leaving us with a batch of songs to embrace and comfort the open wound caused by his loss. In the spirit… More »

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