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Happy Shark Week! 70 Thrilling Shark Tattoos

Happy Shark Week! What better way to kick of the best week of the year than with a shark tattoo gallery? These people take their love for sharks to a whole new level by getting them tatted on their bod. Some have cute shark tattoos and others really show off the fierceness of sharks. Whether… More »

Tiny Tattoo Ideas: 44 Small Tattoos That Make A Big Impact

I love tiny tattoos. I think they’re an absolutely adorable way to commemorate something special in your life (or…just look cool). They’re like little bumper stickers for your body. While complicated sleeves and large works of art are definitely gorgeous, there’s something magical about the simplicity and femininity of a small tattoo. If you’re looking… More »

55 Classic Vintage Camera Tattoos

What better way to show your love for photography by getting a camera tattoo? These vintage camera tattoos are so incredible. The details in some of them are amazing and we just had to share! Take a look through the gallery below of vintage camera tattoos! Do you love photography or cameras enough to get… More »

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