45 Symbol Tattoos We Love

It’s no secret we’re big fans of tattoos and using ink as an outlet for self expression. We’ve seen some insanely impressive eye-popping pieces, but sometimes a simple symbol can make just as big an impact. We found these ultra cool and cute small symbol tattoos to get you inspired for your next trip to the… More »

65 Of The Greatest Disney Tattoos

On sunday, I am heading to Disneyland to host the dance special ‘America Loves to Dance” and that means I get to stay in my favorite hotel in the world the Disneyland Hotel!!!!!!!!! It’s always makes me think of how much people LOVE disney (I see you Kate Cordova) and the people who decide to… More »

Britney Spears Tattoos

Of all the strange Tattoo’s out there in the world. I find Britney tat’s to be the weirdest. People get her face, her bald head, and her lyrics tattoo‘d on them. I collected some of these strange findings. Would you guys ever rock a Britney Spears Tattoo? ps. make sure to go to my facebook… More »

Female Celebs With Radical Tattoos!

Things I love. Tats, girls and radicalness. Check out these photos of your favorite females who like to rock some ink on their skin. Super hawt. Yes I am talking like a crazy person. Yes, I am. xx!!

‘Zombie Boy’ Rick Genest Covers Up His Tattoos In Weirdly Uncomfortable Video

The Zombie Boy is at it again. Whether he’s frolicking on a Brazilian beach or popping up in a Lady Gaga video, he…

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