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Tokio Hotel Special Guests At Circus Halligalli Talk Show

Tokio Hotel continue their promotional tour for Kings Of Suburbia, so after “Wetten Dass…?” in Erfurt on Saturday and on Radio SAW in Magdeburg on Sunday, they joined…

Wendy Williams Talks Britney In Vegas

Apparently Wendy Williams and her panelists are certified doctors, because they believe Britney’s in a “fragile mental state” and discuss how that’ll affect her residency in Las Vegas. Wendy Williams’ advice is for her to stay out of the spotlight and re-connect with her boys (who points out have terrible teeth), but fails to recognize… More »

Preview Of Britney On Entertainment Tonight This Monday

Britney made an appearance on Entertainment Tonight to discuss wedding details. Here’s the first glimpse, with the full interview airing on Monday.

EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears On ET Tonight

Britney’s featured on ET tonight, which includes a new interview from our girl plus a shot from Elle we previously hadn’t seen.


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Wendy Williams Latest Britney Blabber

Wendy Williams is at it again, talking about Brit Brit. For the most part, she says nice things about Britney (this time), and slams Devi Lovato after reports surfaced the two are at war with each other. Gurl please, Britney is the queen and let’s nothin get under her skin. Besides bad auditions!

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