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Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 2013 – Info Update #15

Some days ago, CherryTree Records informed Aliens (Tokio Hotel’s fans) that Bill and Tom shot a video message for all their fans and they were going to share it soon…

So today…

The X Factor Episode 8 Recap: Boot Camp Begins

Tonight bootcamp continues with Talent vs. Talent

Tara Simon vs. Jennel Garcia

Jennel would like to have a song in her style.


SPOILER ALERT: X Factor Tops 17 Acts Chosen For Live Show

The top 17 acts (not 16) acts for The X Factor’s live shows have leaked, and it’s an interesting lineup!


From The Examiner.com:

<span style="text-decoration:…

Hear It First: Our Last Night Releases New Album “Age Of Ignorance”

Music Lovers, I love spreading the word about new music and bands especially when it is a band that holds a special place for me. I used to go to shows since well… before I was even able to drive myself to the local shows. One of the bigger bands that drew the best and… More »

Get To Know Frank Anthony (VIDEO)

Hey guys, I recently came across an incredibly talented artist who goes by the name of Frank Anthony! I checked him out and was extremely impressed by his talent, but also pretty stoked to see some of the big names that have helped him out on his upcoming album, it is going to be amazing!… More »

New The X Factor Spot

Another amazing X Factor ad aired during “So You Think You Can Dance” Wednesday night. Enjoy!

Happy 38th Birthday Sharon Den Adel – These Are 10 Of Your Best Performances!

Today it’s the 38th birthday of Sharon Den Adel, vocalist and composer of the Dutch symphonic metal band, Within Temptation. She has been a performing musician since the age of…

Cat People by Kraft Zarcø

I want topresent you a beautifulyoung Russianphotographer andillustratorKraft Zarcø! He’s only 21 and live in Rostov on Don. In runethe became known for hisphotos,which show people withanimal heads.I reallylike cat people. Think it’s just genius! More of his photos you can found at his blog. Meow! i.e Enjoy! 🙂

Wendy Williams Talks About Britney On X Factor

Wendy Williams LOVES the idea of Britney doing X Factor. She took a few minutes to tell her audience why Britney would kick ass at it, and we couldn’t agree more! Check it out!

What’s Daniel Radcliffe’s Secret Talent?

Daniel Radcliffe may have hung up his wizarding wand with the culmination of the Harry Potter movies in July, but the 22-year-old British actor still has a trick or…

30 Days Song Challenge: Day 4

Day 4 – Yesterday it was the last show of Italy’s Got Talent and waiting for the result, there were two amazing guests: Alessandra Amoroso and Emma Marrone, two wonderful Italian girls with…

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