Xblanksface and I have been having a “civil discussion” that started with me spamming her with pictures of vampire William Beckett LIKE A GOOD FRIEND DOES, DAMMIT!

So…answer this question for me: …

New Music Tuesday 4/3

The Almost – Southern WeatherFountains Of Wayne – Traffic and WeatherFurther Seems Forever – The Final Curtain (Wait, why is FSF still a band?)Melee – Devils And AngelsPoison The Well – VersionsShadows Fall – Threads…

On the set of….

Snakes on a plane.

The Academy Is…

The Bomb-diggity Mackdaddy Shizznitttte!!!!!!!!!

The Academy Is… Big Mess video!

Helloooo hottness.What do YOU think of it?

Got Beer?

Travis from Gym Class Heroes and Billy Beckett from The Academy Is…

Hospital bed

“The Phrase That Pays” video scene. All credit to Thomas Conrad.

William Beckett

I think this is him in the recording studio? Yeah, well it looks like him, so yeah. Thanks to forevernever photography!

The Academy Is…

hahahahahahahahahahaha TROJAN MAGNUM?!?!?!?

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