I went to get an apple to eat and discovered it had 2 hearts on the skin !!! I thought WOW that looks kind of cool and thought you…

Taylor Swift & Tyler Glenn Team Up For Special Duet

Taylor Swift fans got a lovely surprise in Newark, NJ last night. Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees made a special guest…

Back To School With Your Favorite Stars

Do you think you could guess who’s old school photos these are?!?! We barely could! Stars like Travis Clark from We The Kings, the guys in Boys Like Girls, and more sent us their school photos to share with you! Also, teenage country-stars Jenny and Ashley share what their personal school style is for this… More »

Day 183 – Another Surprise From Buzznet

I had to write a blog. A simply post wasn’t enough for what I’m just to telling you, guys.

You know how much I love this wonderful place and how much I love to share with…

Jamie Lynn Spears Performs At Children’s Hospital

Brit’s little sister Jamie Lynn performed at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee on Tuesday. She treated the kids to a new…

Vlog #3 – Kat, you are totally crazy! Thanks so much!

Today I recieved the envelope of my sweet friend Kat, and I still speechless about what I found inside: her Britney’s tour books from Oops! I did it again and The Onyx Hotel Tour! She sent them to me because she knows how much I love Britney, she’s totally crazy! Thank you so much Kat… More »

I’m just like a little kid when I open gifts

I’m waiting for Femme Fatale Premium Edition (today it should to arrive it to me! AAAAWWWW *w*)and a couple of minutes ago, rang on my door, it was the postman, of course and I was…

April 22nd, 2011: Britney Spears makes surprise appearance supporting Nicki Minaj

Britney supported Nicki Minaj at The Factory club tonight in L.A. to support their new “Till The World Ends Remix” Check out a few fan shots:


My Golden Birthday And The Greatest Surprise Of My Life

This month i turned the big 22. It was my golden birthday turning 22 on July 22. This year was so different from previous birthdays. Before I always focused on getting every single one of my friends in one place making sure everyone was having the most fun they possibly could. This time around I… More »

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