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Katie Holmes’ Line Showing At Fashion Week (VIDEO)

Suri Cruise better watch out! The stylish tot’s mother, Katie Holmes, is looking to make her own mark in the fashion industry! Tom Cruise‘s ex is reportedly showing her collection, Holmes and Yang,…

Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Split!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting a divorce!! Yes, you heard right! After five years of marriage, they are calling it quits. 


Who Dresses Better Than Kingston Rossdale? (Hint: NOT Suri Cruise)

What child dresses better than the spawn of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale? The answer is NO ONE.

Why would we even ruminate on this? WELL. Apparently some baby gifting website has “crowned” Suri Cruise the…

The 5 Most Fashionable Celebrity Offspring

The top 5 most fashionable celebrity kids.

Suri Cruise Gets Spoiled with Fashion

Looks like Mama Katie and Papa Tom have gone all out on Suri’s wardrobe!
The couple have delightedly spent $3.2…

Suri Cruise Lives!

Suri Cruise makes her first appearance in awhile! She’s adorable! Here she is with dad Tom Cruise playing in a Los Angeles park. I don’t like how he appears to be clinging to her and whispering that she’s a child born of prophecy and she will grow to be queen… from

Wednesday Buzz 8/15

IBBB’s Am I Wrong returns!

Rihanna is a good big sister. (Evil Beet)

Photoshop done Brit goooood! (POTP)

I guess Suri Cruise will be payin’ the bills…

Monday Buzz 7/23

Oh Britney, why such language? Do you kiss your mother with that– oh wait, you have a restraining order against Mama Spears. (Yeeeah)

Soccer bores Suri Cruise. (The Dirty Disher)

Lauren Conrad broke Brody…

While You Were Ignoring Your Family and Investing Your Life in a Book About a Boy Wizard

This photo indicates that Suri Cruise is officially now old enough to pray to be adopted by sane people. The good news is she’s still the most adorable baby in Hollywood! Let’s be honest: If a bloated Marlon Brando liberally applied butter to your chooch, chances are you’d also be b*tching… from

Thursday Buzz 6/21

Rehab sounds like a blast. (IBBB)

Ok, I give in. Suri Cruise is pretty freakin adorable. (The Dirty Disher)

Spice Girls pregnancy ban. (IntoGossip)

Controversial yogurt ads from…

Thursday Buzz 5/24

Evil Beet has the first images of LindsLo takin’ it off in her new movie.

Jordin Sparks is our new American Idol! (PopBytes)

Amy Winehouse and her big…

Friday Buzz 2/23

Jessica Simpson is allergic to Pizza. And she’s the Pizza Hut spokesperson! (consumerist)Drew Barrymore in Jane Mag. Aw, she’s pretty. (popbytes)Idol Recap, courtesy Evil Beet.Hey Pete, who you callin’ a trainwreck? (celebitchy)The OC cast reflect……

Tuesday Buzz 1/23

Hello Magazine readers vote Brit #2 Most Graceful Star. Obvi, “Graceful” must have a hidden meaning. (Celebslam)Strippers changed Brad Pitt’s Life. (People)Jared Leto is picking fights again. (Page Six)Heroes recap! (CollegeHumor)Revisiting Suri-Gate: Did she have…

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