#FBF 9 Supernatural GIFs to Live By

In a time where TV shows come and go on networks and streaming services, it’s crazy to think about how long Supernatural has been on the air. This little CW show about two brothers fighting supernatural forces premiered in 2005! Now, they’ve officially aired 13 seasons. For today’s #FBF, let’s review 9 Supernatural GIFs we should… More »

9 Halloween TV Episodes To Binge Watch

Can you believe Halloween is just a couple weeks away?! If the upcoming holiday hasn’t really sunk in yet, now is the perfect time to get your mind in a perfectly seasonal spooky/ridiculous Halloween mood. Let’s review 9 Halloween TV episodes that’ll get you in the spirit. 1. Freaks & Geeks – “Tricks and Treats”… More »

Supernatural Birthday Party: Rachel Miner As Meg Masters

Happy Monday, Buzznet! Not really. No one actually likes Monday but since today is Rachel Miner‘s born day, I’ve decided to write about Meg Masters from one of the best shows ever, Supernatural

Birthday Boy Blow Out: Eggs Benedict & Jared Padawhatever

Two things are happening today. These things are VERY import. Firstmostly, Benedict Cumberpatch fell out of the sky and landed here on da erf way back in 1976. He has been in a lot…

Buzznet All Star TV Show: Supernatural

I don’t know when it started but it did and I am not even looking back. What exactly do I mean by this? Well, let me to explain what we are going to talk about…

Question Of The Day: Who Do You Want To Be Your Valentine?

I’ve been trying to write out this Question of the Day for about 2 hours now but mostly I was distracted by burritos, the internet, and then I was coloring a little bit in photoshop…

Let’s Talk About That One Part Of Fandom: Supernatural

While I am not a total n00b to the world of Supernatural, I am new enough to not remember most of the first season. I remember watching it when it first aired way back…

Ke$ha Talks Having Sexy Time With… A Ghost?

Singer-songwriter Ke$ha has moved on from singing about animals and cannibals to singing about… ghosts? The 25-year-old, who just released her song “Die Young” and has…

10 Fantasy Characters We’d Love To Date

While we all have our celebrity crushes, we secretly also have our fictitious onscreen crushes that we wish were real. With fantasy movies and TV shows all the rage (hello Twilight, Harry Potter and Teen Wolf!) not to mention the hotties that are casted in them, there’s no shortage of fantasy characters to drool over…. More »

Gallery: Horror Movie Fashion

Hey guys! So, having recently watched some visually striking horror films and been feeling inspired by that sweet juxtaposition of evil and beauty, I became curious to see just how intertwined horror and fashion have been over the years. My findings? They go together like peanut butter and jelly, albeit slightly less commonly found together…. More »

What means the dream of tonight?

Everyone of us every night dream something: sometimes we remember exactly what we dreamt and sometimes not, sometimes we had nightmares and sometimes we didn’t know what mean our…

Don’t Haunt My House, Don’t Haunt My House…ALEJANDRO!

So, normally I am torn on celebrity gossip.  But the thing I love about Lady Gaga gossip is that it is generally so over-the-top that if it’s true it makes me love her more and…

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