Song Of The Day: “Pseudologia Fantastica” by Foster The People

Foster The People just released their sophomore album, Supermodel, this past week. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I am just not feeling it at all except for three songs, “Pseudologia…

Kate Moss’s Most Iconic Moment’s of The 90’s

Anyone who knows anything about fashion knows Kate Moss was and still is the original “IT GIRL” From dating Johnny Depp to ruling the runways here are some of her most iconic 90’s moments! *all photos from The More For You: The Coveteur Shocases Kelly Osbourne’s Fashion Selena Gomez Covers i-D Magazine

Thought Blog: What Is True Beauty

Just like my last Thought Blog, I found inspiration through a video I came across online…

The Evolution Of The Supermodel

We all have our favorite supermodel that we can’t wait to see on our favorite magazies or strutting down the runway right? Have you ever thought about how much “the supermodel” has evolved over time, it is crazy to think how gorgeous Marilyn Monroe is yet now she would be “plus size” model. Not only… More »

the old days…

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