Superheroes gone Elizabethan

Moon Babies, I wanted to share with you an epic shoot I just came across – Superheroes in Elizabethan garbs. How gorgeous are these shots? Created by an amazing French photographer Sacha Goldberger,hope this brightens any blue Monday!:) Which one is your favorite? More Sascha’s whimsical art here:// k

The Amazing Spiderman Trailer is Finally Here!

Reblogged from Shelby Stardust

   Amidst the Harry Potter frenzy circulating the interwebs, it would appear that the official, high-definition trailer of the highly-anticipated, The Amazing Spider-Man has…

The nOir NYC Women of DC Comics Jewelry Collection: Shiny but Disappointing

Lemme preface this blog with this: I like seeing female comic characters get mainstream attention.  I think it’s awesome to celebrate the kick ass ladies of comics and I hope against hope that it will…

A Rallying Cry Against Stupid Helmets

So RedEye, a subsection of the Chicago Tribune, is having a tournament to find the Best Superhero Ever.  The first round matches are ending on Friday and I’m taking this chance to put out…

Something Positive 12/27/07

A fantastic twist on the “women in refrigerators” comic cliche. Read more of Something Positive at //

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