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The Perfect Glitter Accessory

umm.. can we just talk about how amazing these glitter miu miu glasses are? i want them all.

which pair is your favorite?


Tom Ford + Prada 2011 Sunglasses

i am all about the accessories.. especially sunglasses!! this year prada and tom ford have been killing it in the sunglass deparment.. check out my favorite frames for their collection.. are you a fan of their designs for 2011? xxoo

My Favorite Summer Sunglasses

sunglasses are mandatory pretty much year round, especially living in sunny LA, but never more than in summer. the right pair of glasses can totally make your look, so i like to have tons of pairs on rotation for different outfits. here are 15 of my favs. what kind of sunglasses do you guys wear?… More »

Groovy, Mod, Hippie: 60s Style for Summer!

The 1960s were an amazing time for style, and this season I’ve seen fringe, tie die, peter pan collars and feather details everywhere! I’m partial to the mod style myself, but check out these three…

How to Look Cuter than Every Other Girl at Coachella Ever

Coachella is right around the corner, and while seeing bands is cool what REALLY matters here is what you wear. Am I right? Of course I’m right. This year, ditch the all American Apparel neon everything and snap up some stylish items that will set you apart from the festival flock. Which item is your… More »


YAYY for sping 🙂 I just got these new Kate Spade black cat eye sunglasses! tomorrow night i’m having a birthday party at Drais. Excited to see all my friends

Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow: Plastic Hands Sunglasses

Jeremy Scott and Linda Farrow recently collaborated on an original series of sunglasses. Jeremy Scott never ceases to surprise me with his creations. I’m going back and forth as to whether these are fashionable or…

Guerrilla Marketing – Ray Ban Never Hide Campaign

Ray Ban recently did a guerrilla marketing campaign which utilizes guerrilla tactics to update the brand as new, consisting of printing out Ray Ban sunglasses and sticking them on random posters, statues and other…

Retro Specs!

I am officially obsessed with Zanzan‘s Spring/Summer 2011 collection of sunglasses!  The new UK label creates handmade frames whose inspiration comes from all things 60s and 70s…totally reminds me of something Twiggy…

DIY: Lace Sunnies

I saw this editorial with lace covered round sunglasses and I had to…

Almost Famous: SUNGLASSES

Reblogged from MissMallibu

Sunglasses is the Savannah-based duo of Samuel Cooper and Brady Keehn, better known when they’re jamming as 8000 Bam Bam (a nod to Andre 3000) and Baby…

eBay life.

hey guys, I just listed some stuff on eBay that you might want.. including the pair of pink sunglasses I bought from Hanna Beth, and a Hello…

Audrey’s Favorite Things 5/29

Audrey Kitching Loves Her Shades

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