Brian Logan Dales Explains His Relationship With Taco Bell

Sorry ladies…I am taken. Taco Bell has my heart and we are offically in a serious relationship.

Become Legendary This Summer With Invisible Children

Hey Guys, Recently, I got together with Invisible Children and The Giving Keys to create something pretty freakin’ special. During the recording of our most recent album Legendary, I was going through a rough time and writing the song “Legendary” helped pull me out of the darkness and into a totally inspired state of mind…. More »

Taco Bell Promposals!

And just when I thought I had the coolest way of asking a girl to prom, someone had to one-up me by getting Taco Bell involved. So awesome. Respect.

The Summer Set Release Video For ‘Lightning In A Bottle’

I am pleased to present to you our brand new music video for “Lightning In A Bottle.” This is my favorite song on Legendary and the music video was a blast to make. We had…

Brian Logan Dales Shares His Thoughts On The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Happy Halloween From The Summer Set!

Hey Buzznetters,

As you may know me and the rest of the TSS family have hit the road yet again! This tour has been like any other so far…things have been a bit weird and actually…

Take It All In: iHeart Radio Reflection Post

In 2007, when we started this band in John and Stephen’s parents’ garage, I never would have believed that we would play a show with Queen, Elton John, and…

VOTE: Pick Brian Dales Outfit For Labor Day City Walk Show

This coming Monday September 2nd is Labor Day and the band I’m in, The Summer Set, is playing a FREE show at Universal City Walk in Los Angeles. I know some of you head to school…

Dani Vitale Quizzes Brian Dales On Current Fashion Trends! (Part Two)

[kaltura id=0_jn8fm8cy autoplay=0 type=single]


I had a great time with Dani Vitale going over my thoughts…

Brian Dales Shares The Summer Set’s ‘Boomerang’ Music Video

So excited about the release of our new video for “Boomerang.” I’m glad…

BUZZNET Exclusive: Brian Logan Dales Shares His Prom Memories!

Prom season is in the air SO I felt it was only necessary for me to share my personal prom memories with you

BUZZNET Exclusive: Photos From The ‘Legendary’ Release Party!

fun fun fun fun!!!! I love my Buzznet ladies!!

BUZZNET Exclusive: Photos From The ‘Legendary’ Release Party!

Hey All, Last Monday we got to be a part of a really fun album release party in Hollywood, CA for our new album Legendary! It was at Sassafras which may be my new favorite bar, not only did it have great drinks and decor but the stage is up on an old balcony! I… More »

WIN Passes To The Summer Set’s ‘Legendary’ Record Release Party

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Hey Buzznet!

The band I sing in, The Summer Set are putting out a new record on this Tuesday April 16th, called

WIN Passes To The Summer Set’s ‘Legendary’ Record Release Party

Hey Buzznet!

The band I sing in, The Summer Set are putting out a new record on this Tuesday April 16th, called Legendary. To celebrate it’s release our record label Fearless Records is putting…

Brian Dales Responds To Fan’s “Maybe Tonight” Comments

Thank you guys so much for checking out “Maybe Tonight“! I’m absolutely floored by the response to one of our favorite songs we’ve ever written. I remember last summer when we wrote this song, and when Dan Book (producer) sent me the demo a few days later it was like hearing my band for the… More »

WIN Tix To Party With The Summer Set, Honor Society & More This Friday In LA!

Hey Buzznet!

As you may know, my band The Summer Set will be playing at The Roxy in Hollywood, CA on Friday the 22nd. To keep things extra legendary we’re doing a double header…

Brian Logan Dales Goals For 2013!

What are you most looking forward to in 2013?

Releasing a legendary new record and touring the world all over again. 

Any trends you hope will die next year?

The word “swag” and LA…

Tour’s Over, We Survived!

We’ve spent three of the last four years away from home on Thanksgiving. As hard as that is to get used to, it’s made me appreciate the days that I do get to spend with my family more, as well as the ones with the band and crew. I feel privileged to spend the holidays… More »

Tour Diaries: Brian’s Adventures At Disneyworld & 23rd Birthday Celebration!

I can’t believe this tour is ending in a week. It’s been amazing and I’m glad to have been back out on the road. Orlando was the highlight of this past week. We had one of my favorite shows so far, at The House Of Blues. The performance was followed by a dance party on… More »

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