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WATCH: The First Ted 2 Trailer

One of the funniest movie’s of 2012 was Seth MacFarlane‘s Ted, a movie about a teddy bear that comes to life after a boy wishes he would. The movie was not only hysterical but is…

WATCH: The Minions Are Getting Their Own Movie And The Trailer Is Hilarious!

Despicable Me is one of the biggest movie franchises for both childern and their parents alike in recent times. Even though Gru and his schemes are always hilarious, everyone knows the real stars of the…


If you are just going into Fall /Autumn I hope it’s Magical for you. Fall is my favorite season of the year. It was a beautiful day here on Monday it was sunny all day and had a nice crisp feel in the air not cold just very comfortable. I took this photo last month… More »


You would never know summer was gone, almost !!! It was very hot and humid here but the day before there was a hint of fall in the air. This was a pot that i had flowers in but all those flowers died and I still had the lonely Spike plant in the middle !!… More »


He finally had it with me and left. I don’t know where he went but I guess it was getting a bit tired of me constantly watching it’s every move. It is a male and I had to do quite a bit of photoshop to get the photo to stand out 😀 View in full… More »


Something new I thought I would try the Scenes of Summer because it will be over soon. At least once a week I’m going to post a photo that I take that week and photoshop it with this Fresco effect to show how the last days of summer looks like here. This will last for… More »


So this is a day in one or two of my squirrels life here. Most of it relates to FOOD !! Or waiting for FOOD !! They have a…

What In The World Have I Been Doing

Hello Buzznet, we’ve been friends for a really long time and I thought that I haven’t been showing you no love. My bad, I’ve been super busy with all the things that make life so great! 


Summer Mashups

Rui Pinto is talented artist from Portugal. He created one of the best mashups between celebrities and cartoons from the Disney movies. This project “Celebridades Animadas” broght to me a lot of happiness…

Summer Fun: Optical Illustrations

Akiyoshi Kitaoka is a professor of Psychology at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto and created one of the best optical illustrations. Don’t wait and check out this amazing art 🙂 


Disney’s Snow White Swimsuit

Australian company Black Milk Clothing designed fantastic & buzzneting Snow White Swimsuit. Every girl will feel like a princess in this swimsuit. 

Disney’s Snow White Swimsuit

Australian company Black Milk Clothing designed fantastic & buzzneting Snow White Swimsuit. Every girl will feel like a princess in this swimsuit. 

Festival Files: Vans Warped Tour

I made my return to Vans Warped Tour this weekend! I was so excited to be able to head Chicago for the weekend to spend a great time with tour family and some special people!…

New EDM Hit For Summer ’14: “Hey Boo”

Say hello to Faroutt, the newest group to hit the EDM scene with their latest single, Hey Boo“, featuring vocals by the sultry newcomer, Phyllisia. The song instantly catches your…

My Yard and Flowers…….

This is where you will find photos of my gardens, house and flowers and some snow scenes also…..

MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE: Alex & Sierra’s “Scarecrow”

Alex & Sierra, the winners of The X Factor USA Season 3 have released their first official music video and it is absolutely adorable!! The video is for their single, “Scarecrow,” a catchy love song that…

Summer Lovin’: Tropical Tattoos To Fall For

Summer is here and I’m lovin’ all things tropical…especially pineapple. I came across the cutest little pineapple tattoo and then was on my way looking all kinds of tropical tattoos. From waves, sunshine, palm trees, mermaids and more I have gathered some of the cutest tropical tattoos for you to fall in love with this… More »

Mermaid Nails You Need To Rock This Summer

Everyone wants to be a mermaid. This summer, I’ve been all about the mermaid nails. Right now I’m rocking some blue and turquoise glitter nails. I’m not the only one who is all about the mermaid this summer, I found some amazing nails that I just had to share with you guys! From turquoise, glitter,… More »

27 Stunning Shades Of Blue Hair

I still haven’t gotten my purple redone since I went blonde, but I have been looking at blue hair now too! I love the pastel blue color it is so pretty! Might be fun to do in the summer instead of purple but who knows! When Katy Perry had her bright blue hair I was… More »

Get 4th Of July Ready With These 52 Nail Designs

I can’t believe June is over and that it is already July. 4th of July might be one of my favorite holidays. There is no pressure for gifts or anything it’s just all about good family/friends, food and hopefully the pool or beach. I have found some cute 4th of July nail designs to share!… More »

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