The Importance Of 13 Reasons Why

For as long as I can remember, compassion has never been considered as cool. Growing up, I always felt a sense of arrogance radiating off of my peers and the older I get, the more I see it growing into an even bigger monster. Shouldn’t it be the opposite? I used to chalk it up… More »


Hey!!! Today I want to show you my new lyrics, called “I Know You”. I wanted to write something about today’s world as you know I’m a fragile girl and I…

Demi Lovato Signed A Suicide Contract And Sends Support To Paris Jackson

Our girl, Demi has always been very open and honest about her internal struggles. The 20 year-old singer opened…

Tell Me Why: Heathers

I’ve been brushing up on my 80’s movie knowledge by renting a lot of the classics on Netflix. So far, I’m in love. The 80’s…


Hi everyone,

I’m so sorry for reblogging here but I want to show you some great person. He’s Facundo and is so strong and great person. In the interview you can to…



Today’s world. How we can define him? Maybe you know?
Try to forget about priorities brought by commercialism and capitalism.
And what you see right now?

Remembering The Life And Love Of Suicide Silence’s Mitch Lucker

Everyday the world welcomes a new beautiful life filled with hope and opportunity, in return we have to let go of those who have had their time here. Sometimes it never seems fair or as though they got to have enough time on this planet. I am one to believe that no matter what, we… More »

Heartblog: National Suicide Prevention Week

I was so inspired by seeing everyone pull together for National Suicide Prevention Week. Today the focus is on “Changing the Stigmas of Mental Health” and I felt like this was my day to…

“Michael Jackson committed suicide” lawyer claims

Michael Jackson committed suicide because he was worried over his financial situation, claims defence lawyer Edward Chernoff.

The lawyer is defending Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, who is to stand trial charged with…

Pink Debuts Her ‘Jarring’ Video for ‘F**kin Perfect’

In a written statement on her website, Pink has a lot to say about her video for the song “F**kin’ Perfect,” the second single from her latest release Greatest Hits…So Far.  And you know it’s…

Daniel Radcliffe Uses His Soothing Voice to Help People Help People

As we’re still in January of this new year, you might still be fighting to complete your New Year’s Resolutions.  But you also might have already failed on that front in which case, well, I…

Cupcakes & VIolence: coming soon!

working on new music… just wait

Bush Administartion To Remove Funding for The Hopeline :(

I’m not a petition-kinda girl, and I don’t take on that many causes, but as someone who’s worked with troubled teens before, I know that saving Hopeline is VERY IMPORTANT. So please read the following…

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