My 2007-2013 Style Evolution

This week on Buzznet I looked through Audrey Kitching‘s amazing Style Evolution, and even though she looks so pretty in every single one of her photos, I had to chuckle at a few. I have totally had those moments where I feel like I looked SOOOOOO awesome and am such a trendsetter and now looking… More »

Style Evolution Of Lana Del Rey

There’s no denying Lana Del Rey has captured my attention since day one. I think there is something endearing about her crazy and sadness. Not sure what it is though. My favorite past persona’s of herself are May Jailer and Lizzy Grant and now, the ever so famous, Lana Del Rey. Check out the style… More »

Style Evolution Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s style kinda gives me anxiety! The thought of changing your entire look so drasticly around the clock, I don’t know how she has the energy to do it! More power to her! Check out some of my favorite Gaga looks are the pink/ blue and grey hair days! WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE GAGA… More »

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