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WIN Perfectly Striped Outfits From Pencey Standard!

Lately I’m really into matching tops and bottoms. No, not Canadian Tuxedos although I’m down with denim on denim as well. I’m talking more like what the lovely Beyonce is rocking in this…

Katy Perry Wears Lots Of Blue On Her Smurrrrrrffff Breaaaaaak

Somewhere late at night Katy Perry heard me asking the universe “where has she gone?” The California gurl answered my prayers by wearing many different Smurfified outfits while out…

Miley Stripes Down

Miley Cyrus has proven herself to be quite the stylish starlet recently. She’s got a signature vintage grunge look that she’s perfected. From her combat boots to her crop tops, she’s got a cool, Daria/Kurt Cobain/Twiggy thing going on. However, Miley is also a style chameleon. While stripes may seem like they’re more suited for… More »

God Save the Star Spangled Banner

In honor of the closing ceremonies, and two countries I am absolutely in LOVE with, I decided to throw together a gallery of my favourite Patriotic nail art! I love the nails with American and British flag… something I totally want for back to school. Would you rock these super cute nails?

Happy 4th Of July! Here Are Some Stars In Stripes

This isn’t REALLY a 4th of July post except that Stars In Stripes sounds like Stars AND Stripes (see what I did there?). In any event, stripes are cute on every day of the year so here is a gallery of fashionable celebs like Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Gwen Stefani rocking ’em. Click through and… More »

Summer Stripes: Not Just For Jail Birds Anymore!

Stripes: Not just for prisoners anymore! Or at any time since like the 50s when Elvis was shimmying behind bars in Jailhouse Rock. Nowadays convicts have to wear orange, which sucks for the them because stripes are so cute! Lucky for you, you’re not in jail (yet), so you can partake in the glory that… More »

Lookbook: Fresh, Preppy Collection From Altuzarra For J.Crew!

Who exactly is Joseph Altuzarra? Well, let’s just say he’s one heck of a designer, and you can literally buy his stuff at a relatively reasonable price. This Parisian born art-history-major-turned-fashion-designer just collaborated with J.Crew for a 7-piece collection that screams fresh, fun, and all kinds of prep. Liked by it-girls, Lana Del Rey and… More »

Fashion Inspiration: Freddy Krueger

Mr. Krueger may be the king of all horror kings, but who knew he coule be so fashionable?

In honor of Halloween I have compiled a fashion post…

Get the Look: Striking Stripes

There’s not a whole lot I can say about stripes besides the following: A) They are geometrcially pleasing to the eye. B) They remind me of pirates and prison. C) They are, in the words of Mugatu, “so hot right now.” Stripes were lined-up (get it?) all over the Spring runways, and everyone from Prada… More »

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