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In anticipation of Twilight, we’ve done a few lil’ community projects. We got some succulent reads for the Fresh Meat/Vamp Date task of last week. And now you have a much, much simpler mission–find some…

Reminder: Fresh Meat + Vamp Date Tales Deadline Approaching

This is a kind, but slightly firm reminder that you have until November 7th to wow us with your Twilight-inspired stories.

What’ve we got so far? A lot of fresh meat, including a foreign exchange

Underworld 3 Trailer: Just in Time For Halloween

So, before Stephenie Meyer put out Twilight, there was another vampire versus werewolves franchise that she probably didn’t know about, given her documented dislike of horror movies.  She reportedly couldn’t…

SAW: Buzznet edition

During my liveblog of the 2008 Scream Awards, I was struck with a terrible idea: what if Saw’s Jigsaw turned his attention to some of Buzznet’s writers?  What kind of challenges would he put…

Sneak Peek at Stephenie Meyer’s Video for Jack’s Mannequin’s “The Resolution”

Buzznet was a little torn over the idea of Twilight author Stephenie Meyer directing the video for “The Resolution” by Jack’s Mannequin.  And now, Meyer’s directorial

Twilight Fans not Dazzled by Russell Brand

So, for those of you who haven’t heard, fans of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series are unhappy with VMA host Russell Brand.  Brand is already in hot water with teenage fans for mocking

They Say It Doesn’t Hurt if It’s Beautiful…

They Say It Doesn’t Hurt if It’s Beautiful…

They Say It Doesn’t Hurt if It’s Beautiful…



Stephenie Meyer Hungers for your SOUL!

As if inflicting her craptastic misogynist writing on us wasn’t bad enough, now she’s decided to rob us of our very essence and MURDER US IN OUR SLEEP.

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