Fresh Face: Ireland Baldwin

Blonde? check. Statuesque? check. Celeb DNA? double check! According to my calculations, Ireland Baldwin has everything it takes to be fashion’s next “it” girl. At 17 and 6’2″ with a waterfall of golden locks, she is hard to miss. Oh, and it does kind of help that she is the celeb spawn of the notorious… More »

A PHOTO TOUR OF OYSTER BAY, LONG ISLAND and some very cool things about it : )

Oyster Bay is on the North Shore of Long Island and it’s quite an historical town. Founded in the 1600’s by the Dutch it has a lot of different type of…

Sculpture of Zombie Boy

British sculptor Marc Quinn immortalized Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy, in Cu Pb Mn Fe Mg Si (copper, lead, manganese, iron, magnesium, and silicon). It was first introduced last fall at…


Actually they were always there but now they are not under a few feet of snow. We have had snow on the gound for over two months and we still have some smaller mountains scattered in the yard. We have a beauty of a rainstorm on the way and I hope it washes the rest… More »


All my statues were buried in snow including this cat and it’s a cat that sits up not the laying down one. I have yet to find that one : D Please check out my other photo of the Puppet Show that i posted before this one : D

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