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Hayley and Bekah hyper on Starbucks

Hayley is just dying in the background xD

First of the season!

My first peppermint mocha of the season. Yes, I took a picture of it. No, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Tuesday Buzzed 4/3

Kristin Cavallari’s 5 min of fame aren’t over yet. (Intogossip)Interview with Project Runway’s Tim Gunn. Oh, I heart him. (ONTD)Mariah Carey wants to adopt a kid. Also, people weep when she sings. (Holy Candy)DJ LindsLo…

Thursay Buzz 3/22

It’s good to have goals in life, but I mean… Starbucking? (freeindie)ANTM Photo Shoot #4– who did you like best? I liked Renee and Whitney. (ONTD)Wanna smell like Gwen? Cause she has a perfume! (…

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